10 Things You Should Never Ask A Mom Who Has Tattoos

There's something about a woman who has tattoos that evokes a sense of inappropriate curiosity in a particular brand of stranger. You know who I'm talking about: They're the type of people who are quick and a little too happy to ask intrusive questions, simply because they see permanent ink on another person's body. Inked moms, unfortunately, understand what that line of questioning is like better than most.

Tattooed moms are tired of hearing judgments and unsolicited comments and rude assumptions, but as long as the stigma surrounding tattoos remains, I have a feeling the aforementioned won't be going away any time soon. Which is a shame, really, because moms with tattoos teach their kids to love and respect their bodies, and there are so many lessons a tattooed mother has learned from a tattoo shop, that directly applies to parenting.

I'm an inked-out mom, with 9 tattoos, many of which are visible. I've been asked inappropriate questions about my tattoos and I can tell you that while I understand people get curious, I don't understand why some people feel entitled to know intimate details about my life. Tattoos are a form of self-expression, not an open invitation for strangers to endlessly interrogate.

So, the next time you see a tattooed mother, maybe don't ask here these 10 things. There's no reason to play 20 questions.

"Aren't You Afraid Of How They'll Look When You're Older?"

No, are you? The only difference between an elderly woman with tattoos and an elderly woman without, is that one will have colorful wrinkles, and the other won't.

"What Do You Think Other Moms Think?"

I have no idea, and I'm definitely not going to start trying to guess now. Why would I worry about what another mother thinks about my tattoos? I don't worry about what another mother thinks of my parenting choices or mothering decisions, so I definitely am not going to fret over what someone may think about my appearance.

"How Will You Explain Your Tattoos To Your Kids?"

I'm assuming it will be relatively easy. Something like, "Hey kid, this is a tattoo."

"Are You Afraid Your Kid Will Want Tattoos Too?"

Not at all, and if they do want a tattoo some day, then (when they're old enough) I will probably pay for it. I am going to teach my children to make their own decisions, so it won't matter how mom or dad look. They will find their own forms of self-expression, and I will be more than happy to support them.

"Will You Get Another Tattoo, Now That You're A Mom?"

Whatever I decide concerning my next tattoo, I guarantee you I won't be basing that decision on the fact that I'm a parent.

"Did Pregnancy Ruin Your Tattoos?"

"Ruin?" No, pregnancy didn't "ruin" anything on my body. It didn't ruin my stomach and it didn't ruin my breasts and it definitely didn't ruin my tattoos. Pregnancy enhanced my body, and everything about it.

"Do You Regret Your Tattoos Now That You're A Mom?"

No. Just, no.

"Are All Of Your Tattoos About Your Kid?"

Oh, yes. Every tattoo I have ever had — even before I was a mother! — is about my kid. In fact, every thought I have during the day is about my kid and every action I take is for my kid and I don't do anything that doesn't have something to do with my kid.

Come on, now. I am more than just a mother, and my tattoos are about more than just my kid.

"Why Would You Spend Money On A Tattoo Now That You Have A Kid?"

Because self-care is important and I deserve something for myself. Next question.

"Do You Have Any Tattoos In Places People Can't See?"

OK, people. Don't ask any woman this question. In fact, don't ask any person this question. It's inappropriate and it's none of your business and just, ew. Gross.