10 Ways Moms With Tattoos Teach Their Kids To Love & Respect Their Bodies

Most parents (I hope) consider teaching body positivity to their kids to be one of their main goals. As parents, we want our children to see themselves as we see them: beautiful and perfect and worthy of boundless love, both from themselves and others. Whether it's reciting body-positive mantras or setting a body-positive example ourselves, parents want their children to love who they are and the body they're in.

Tattooed mothers are, of course, no different.

In fact, I would argue that having tattoos teaches your children to be body positive and love the skin they're in. Unfortunately, tattooed mothers are still shamed for choosing to ink their body, and hear judgmental comments about tattoos and their choice to get them on an all-too-regular basis. But while society is still struggling to shed the stigma surrounding tattooed parents, tatted moms are busy teaching their children self-love, self-acceptance, and the importance of healthy self-expression.

Tattoos are an unapologetic celebration of the body, and that won't go unnoticed to the kid of a tatted mom. Her children will see her proudly sporting her ink, and realize that there's beauty in confidence and there's power in not only accepting who you are, but being proud of who you are and colorfully highlighting who you are. Tattooed mothers set a beautiful example of body positivity for their kids that all parents could benefit from learning from.

So, here are 10 reasons why moms with tattoos are more body positive for their children, because we all have one goal: teaching our kids to love themselves as much as we do. And tattooed mothers always have their eyes on that goal.

They Believe Bodies Are Worth Celebrating

A tattooed mother isn't going to teach her children that their bodies are something to be ashamed of or hidden. Just like she's proud of her tattoos, she will teach her kid to be proud of their bodies; every beautiful flaw and nook and cranny and difference that separates them from everyone else. A tattooed mother knows that bodies are to be celebrated, not shunned, and her children will learn that through the celebration of her tattoos.

They Don't Believe You Can "Ruin" Your Body

There's no such thing as "ruining" your body. It doesn't matter if you have a tattoo or a piercing or a scar or (and especially) if and when you have sex. All too often, people are told there are numerous ways you can "ruin" your body, by altering it or permanently coloring it or using it in a way that others don't think you should. A tattooed mother knows better, and won't pass that fictitious way of thinking onto her children.

They Don't Think You Should Hide Your Body

A tattooed mother who doesn't hide her tattoos is teaching her children that you shouldn't hide your body. There's no reason why you should be ashamed of your skin or your size or your form. Instead, you should love your body and be proud to show off your body, in any way that you choose, whether that is getting a tattoo or wearing that one outfit that makes you feel secure and confident.

They Know You Are The Only Person Who Should Make Decisions About Your Body

A tattooed mother is going to make sure that her children knows that no one (and we mean no one) should make a decision about a body except for the person who lives in that body. A mom with tattoos made the decision to get a tattoo, and it (probably) didn't matter what anyone else thought. It was her body, and it was her decision. Her children will learn that when it comes to their body, no one else gets to make decisions for them.

They Teach Their Children Not To Hide Who They Are For The Sake Of Making Other People Comfortable

Because a tattoo is a representation or expression of who you are as a person, a tattooed mother is teaching her children not to hide who they are as individuals. An inked mom literally wears who she is on her sleeves (or ankle or wrist or wherever her tat(s) are) and her children will learn that self-expression is 100% normal and healthy and should never be stifled, just because other people don't agree with you.

They Believe In The Importance Of Self-Love

What better way to love yourself and your body than to celebrate it with a permanent picture on your skin, right? The majority of people who choose to get a tattoo do so because they love their body and want to highlight it. Getting inked is a great way to say, "Hey, I love me and want to celebrate me by getting something that represents the me that I am," and kids will definitely pick up on that.

Furthermore, having a tattoo means you're unapologetic about who you are. Regardless of any preconceived notions people may have about tattooed individuals, or fallacious assumptions about tattoos in general, when a mom has a tattoo, she's saying, "This is who I am and I don't care if you don't like it." That's awesome.

They Don't Care About Traditional Beauty Standards

A tattooed mother doesn't care if she adheres to traditional standards of beauty, and definitely isn't concerned with society's brand of attractiveness. Tatted moms love the way they look, regardless of whether or not it fits into a specific "ideal," and her children will realize that there are multiple types of beauty, highlighted in multiple ways. There is no such thing as one, perfect or "normal" way to look.

They Encourage Self-Expression

Tattoos are all about self-expression, and if a mom has a tattoo she is going to encourage her children to express themselves in healthy, natural ways.

They Don't Judge Another Person For What They Choose To Do With Their Body

A tattooed mother (hell, any mother) is likely very (ugh, painfully) familiar with judgement, and would never judge another individual on their looks. She is definitely going to teach her children that it is never OK to look at someone and make assumptions about their life. She doesn't like it when people do it to her, and her children will learn that it isn't OK to do to anyone else.

They Teach Their Children To Be Proud Of Who They Are

Because a tattooed mother teaches her children to never hide who they are, she will be simultaneously teaching her children to be proud of who they are. Oh, you're "different?" So what, that's awesome and you should celebrate that. You don't "fit in?" Even better, because neither do most tattooed mothers. Her children will love who they are, because they see their mother loving her tattoos and who she is too.