11 Tattoos For Moms Who Aren’t Afraid To Show Some Ink-Covered Skin


Whether it’s getting inked for self-expression, to pay tribute to a family member, or just in the name of spontaneity, tattoos are becoming less and less taboo. And you don’t have to be left out of the tattoo club once you have kids, as there are plenty of gorgeous tattoos for moms. Whether you want to honor your little ones or simply ink a powerful mantra on your skin, there are plenty of tattoo options for the moms of the world.

I recently took the plunge (or needle, as the case may be) and got my first tattoo. While it isn’t prominent or showy, or even about my kids (who says everything moms do have to be about their children?) it is important to me. It’s a permanent reminder of how I want to live; a reminder to be intentional in every area.

If the idea of getting something permanently inked onto your skin kind of freaks you out (and don’t worry, I felt the same way) start off small. Tattoos can be a beautiful reminder of the things we love, and, as moms, we have plenty of love to spare. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, here are 11 tattoo ideas that would be perfect for any mom looking to get a little ink.

1. Something Simple

Remember the tattoo I told you about? This is mine. Though it doesn’t have anything to do with being a mom per se, my tattoo is a reminder about something that important to me that impacts the way I live my life, including the way I parent my girls.

2. Something Small

Maybe you want to get inked, but still want to be discreet. Getting a small tattoo of a significant symbol would be a great first tattoo.

3. Something Colorful

A lighthearted, playful tattoo — maybe even inspired by your kids — would be fitting for a mom with little ones.

4. Something Hand-Drawn

Would you consider getting your child’s artwork at a tattoo? This is a growing trend with parents and is a sweet way to encourage your kids and remember the your little artist’s finest work.

5. Something From Bedtime

Do your kids have a favorite bedtime story? Getting a tattoo of one of their favorite characters would be a sweet way to commemorate bedtime together.

6. Something From Literature

It doesn’t have to be all about your children’s bedtime reads. If you’re a bookworm, get a link from your favorite book inked onto your skin.

7. Something Significant

This tattoo is a beautiful commemoration of one of the most special days ever — the day you become a mother. It can be added to as well if you plan on getting tattoos for multiple children.

8. Something Uplifting

The postpartum months (and years) can be hard. Body image is something many moms struggle with- getting a permanent reminder to stay positive inked on your new body would be an incredible, meaningful tattoo.

9. Something Poetic

This tattoo from a popular EE Cummings poem is the perfect tribute to a loved one.

10. Something Quoteworthy

A favorite song lyric or a quote is always a good go-to tattoo idea.

11. Something Lifelike

Though portrait tattoos aren’t for the faint of heart, getting a portrait of your little one would be a sweet way to commemorate the days that fly by so fast.