10 Toddler Food Combinations That Seem Disgusting But Are Actually Delicious

One of the coolest things about having kids is experiencing the world through their eyes. Less cool, their mouths. We know babies put everything in their mouths, but it doesn't really get "interesting" until they get older and start feeding themselves and they really start to experiment. What looks like a mess is actually a budding self-taught chef’s cooking lesson, it turns out, because those toddler food combinations that seem disgusting are surprisingly amazing and pretty delicious.

My kids loved to mix different parts of their meals together, and it never looks appetizing. I’m not one to direct and/or stifle my children's artistic endeavors, but whatever they've concocted and eagerly spooned into their mouths usually makes me queasy. Still, the mush was nutritious and I've just had to learn how to look the other way. Occasionally, however, my children would convince me to taste their concoctions. I refused to do so unless they took the first bite because I’m no fool and if I'm being honest, most of the time it was truly gross. Occasionally, though, their unconventional mix of ingredients was surprisingly palatable. The texture left something to be desired, and plating and presentation were abominable but it did the trick. In the end, I’m glad I didn’t chastise them too much for playing with their food, because it did seem to enable them to explore flavors and get them excited about mealtime.

If you’re looking to mix things up for dinner tonight, and are feeling brave (or desperate), here are some toddler food combinations that seem disgusting but are surprisingly amazing. Who knows, you might just find your new go-to meal.

Mac-N-Cheese With Cream Cheese

For those of us who like to really get our dairy on.

Olives Dipped In Honey

Sweet, salty, sticky. Not sure why Gerber hasn’t jumped on this, but I'd be happy to sell them the idea.

The Patented "Bagel Bar"

You take your chewy granola bar and smush it between two halves of your toasted mini bagel. Carb heaven!

Creamed Spinach Topped With Applesauce

Kids have that sweet and savory combo on lock.

Chicken Nuggets And Lemon Yogurt

What starts as an accident ends as a taste sensation.

Pickles And Jam

Packed with flavor and visual interest.

Bacon And Syrup

This isn’t much of a discovery, but it’s a combination I don’t see adults championing as much as we should be. It’s delicious.

Pudding With Corn

Dessert as a delivery system for vegetables! Wish I could take credit for this one.

Cheerios A La Soup

You can be a boring grown-up and dip crackers in your broth, or you can be a bad-ass baby and float some cereal in there. The choice is yours, my friend.

Cheese Sticks And Guacamole

Who needs nachos when you can just put the topping on the topping, right? Hey, at the very least my kids are efficient.