10 Ways Being Pregnant In The Fall Is, No Joke, The Best

Fall is here, y'all! Go ahead and accuse me of being basic all you want, but this is a magical time of the year. If you just happen to be with child during this most blessed of seasons, congratulations! Oh, not because you're about to be a mom, but because being pregnant in the Fall is the best. No really, it is, and for reasons more or less evenly divided between things that are awesome in and of themselves and things that are awesome because being pregnant in every other season straight-up sucks.

Of course I may be biased. I live in Connecticut and Fall is basically what we're known for. In fact, I'm pretty sure Connecticut and our fellow New England states (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine) make up a kind of Fall Workshop: we produce the Autumn and then we send off all that autumnal goodness out into the world. We're like Santa's Workshop, but for pretty foliage and tasteful sweaters.

You're welcome, world.

You're especially welcome pregnant people, for this season shall be to you as none before in your gestational journey and none to come. (Because pregnant in the summer? Barf. Pregnant in the winter? Oof. Let's hope you're due before then, my growing-a-human-being-inside-your-body friend.) What specifically is there to look forward to? Behold the joys of Fall for a mama to be:

Because Leggings Are In

Ah leggings! The magical garment that you can keep wearing no matter how much weight you lose or gain. You probably don't even have to get special maternity leggings: you can just wear the ones you've had forever (though, at some point, you'll have to wear them below the belly).

Some people tout summer as being the best for maternity fashion, because you can wear large, flowing dresses. I disagree. For one, this discounts the reality that even a flowing dress is often going to be way too short in the front. For another, it discounts the fact that there is a hormonal cauldron bubbling away in your vagine area and you want that sh*t contained.

Leggings are comfortable, low maintenance, can be dressed up or down, cover any vericose veins that are popping out during pregnancy, and familiar. You can't go wrong with a good legging in pregnancy.

Because You're Cooler Now

Gang Zhou/E+/Getty Images

Summer has abated, and so has the heat (and, depending on your location, humidity) that makes that season so unbearable for an already-warmer-than-usual pregnant person.

Fall brings cooler weather, breezes (especially if you're in Southern California because hello Santa Ana winds) and general relief from sweltering.

Because You Still Don't Have To Worry About Finding A Winter Coat That Will Fit You

If you're pregnant in a cold weather climate (or have grown so used to a warm weather climate that even a modest temperature dip feels freezing) then it's only a matter of time before you're going to have to figure out your coat situation. Because there's a pretty good chance that whatever coat you were wearing before that baby took up residence in your uterus is not going to button over your ever-growing belly.

If you're already pregnant in the Fall, you may well have to deal with that in the winter... but not today. Because Fall weather is usually not so cold that you can't make do with a very large sweater or a tasteful poncho or something.

Because Halloween Candy Has Hit The Shelves

Whatever you're craving, the enormous bags of deliciousness sitting on every shelf in America have got you covered. It's like the Universe's way of saying, "This is a hard time for you, I know. Here. Take this sugar. My gift to you."

Because You Don't Have To Deal With Bathing Suits

This isn't to say you have to feel any particular way about bathing suits under any circumstances, including when you're pregnant, but they're just a pain in the ass when it's difficult to get anything up around your ass, you know what I mean?

Like, OK, take all the social meshugaas about wearing a bathing suit out of the equation: it's just annoying to have to get yourself into wet spandex when you're pregnant, to say nothing about finding a suit that will work for you.

But in the Fall? Non-issue... unless, of course, you're traveling to somewhere tropical, in which case I don't feel too bad for you because you managed a tropical vacation before your baby was born. Like, I'm happy for you and all, but I'm not going to sit here for your minor bathing suit complaints in that instance.

Because Thanksgiving Food Is Just Around The Corner

GMVozd/E+/Getty Images

This is a holiday, I'm convinced, that was established with pregnant women in mind. (Also White Supremacy, but that's another story for another day.)

So many delicious carbs. And gravies. And side vegetables. They have pies, you guys. Innumerable pies! And the best part? You're supposed to eat way too much of all of it. Your family members will question you if you don't. And that's if you're not pregnant. If you are you get, like, quadruple helpings and no one bats and eyelash because "LOL! Eating for two now! Nom nom nom."

A feast like this doesn't come around every day. Take advantage.

Because There Are So Many Funny Halloween Costume Options

The great tragedy of my life is that I was never visibly pregnant enough to rock a really absurd and hilarious pregnant Halloween costume. There are so many good options, people. Enjoy them.

Because There Are Lots Of Funny Pumpkin Pictures To Take

When the symbol of the season looks an awful lot (in shape and perhaps size) like your pregnant belly, that's basically an invitation for shenanigans. Stand next to pumpkins to compare. Put a pumpkin on your head and then paint your belly to match. (Bonus points if you can somehow work in a pumpkin bra.)

Guys, I know all this sounds ridiculous, but it's fun and you should roll with it.

Because You've Fallen Between "Drinking Seasons"

I feel like summer and "the holiday season" represent the two big "drinking seasons" of the year. Alcohol flows more freely than usual... which can be difficult for a pregnant person, both because you might miss it and because it's awkward being the one sober person in an event full of drunkies.

That's not to say there aren't some choice seasonal brews one might miss out on in Autumn (hello pumpkin ale) but it's not going to be as conspicuous as in the more extreme seasons.

Because Fall Is The Best Season Under Any Circumstances

Like... obviously. Amazing weather. Beautiful leaves. Delicious seasonal treats. Halloween. Cozy fashions.

And yes, pumpkin spice.

Go ahead and fight me about it. I will fight you. I will spar with words. I will physically fight you. I will take you on in a rap battle. I will summon the forces of darkness and light alike to back me up on this one and we will have ourselves a good old fashioned apocalypse.

Because I'm right. I cannot be contradicted. Fall is the greatest of all the seasons, whether or not you're gestating.