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11 Baby Names For Your St. Patrick's Day Baby


Whether your due date is March 17 or you're just a St. Patrick's Day fanatic, choosing to name your baby after the holiday is a popular choice among parents to be. And luckily, St. Patrick's Day-themed baby names don't have to be as cheesy as you may think. You don't have to name your baby Leprechaun, Lucky, or Rainbow (although you totally could— no judgement here) to convey the spirit of the holiday.

There is plenty of history, tradition, and Irish themes to play off of when choosing a St. Patrick's Day-inspired name for your little one. If you're willing to think outside the box — St. Patrick's birth name, other words for luck, Irish traditions — you'll be sure to find the perfect name.

Whether you have Irish heritage, a March due date, or just love the lighthearted holiday, there's sure to be a St. Patrick's Day baby name that you'll love. Some of the names you've probably already heard of, like Patrick. Others, like the gender neutral options, are more obscure and require a little bit of digging to connect to the holiday. But either way, these names all tip their hat to the luckiest day of the year.

1. Patrick

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The most obvious choice for St. Patrick's Day babies, this name means noble and would be a fitting choice for any March baby.

2. Clover

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Clover is an adorable tribute to the greenest holiday. Four leafed clovers are said to be lucky, so naming your child after this symbol seems more than fitting.

3. Maewyn

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Maewyn is the supposed birth name of St. Patrick. It's a very unique name that's traditionally used for boys, but could make a gorgeous girl's name too.

4. Ireland

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St. Patrick's homeland has a poetic ring to it which makes it a perfect and unique option for either a boy or a girl.

5. Destiny

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A play on the luck of the Irish, this name focuses on the theme of the holiday but without having to actually name your child Lucky.

6. Emerald

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You can name your baby after the holiday without having to name them Green. Emerald is a deeper shade of green with a beautiful ring to it.

7. Forest

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This gender neutral option means woods or woodsmen and plays on the greenery theme of St. Patrick's Day without being overtly obvious.

8. Patten

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A twist on the more common Patrick, this name would be great if you're looking for a unique nod to the holiday.

9. Chance

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Another play on the luck theme, Chance is a great gender neutral choice for St. Patrick's Day babies.

10. Jade

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Another color that makes a great baby name, Jade is a precious green stone said to transmit wisdom and clarity.

11. Leaf (Or Leif)

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A final name that plays on the earthen, green theme of the holiday. Leaf wouldn't overtly bring up images of Leprechauns, but it certainly brings the color green to mind.