From Unicorns To Pumpkins, H&M Has All The Halloween Costumes You Need

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Halloween is almost here, so you're likely trying to decide between spending a pretty penny ordering your kids costumes online or fighting massive crowds inside big box stores like Target and Walmart. In reality, you don't have to choose either of these options because H&M's Halloween costumes won't break the bank and you can easily order them from H&M's website, as well as pick up select costume accessories and Halloween gear in stores.

H&M's selection of Halloween costumes includes ghoulish garments and delightful character costumes to clothe your little ones in stylish versions of their favorite movie and television hero outfits. Not only does H&M provide some stellar costume options at affordable prices, but they also have a selection of costume accessories like glasses, headbands, and masks that you can use to accentuate the costume of your choice.

With sizes in kids costumes ranging from newborn to youth sizes up to 14, there are a variety of options available for kids of all ages. Whether you choose to outfit your kids in a simple and classic look like a cuddly tiger or go for a full out, head-to-toe creepy cool in a dinosaur skeleton costume, you're sure to find a costume both you and your kids love that won't bust your budget at H&M.



Who you gonna call for a Ghostbuster's costume that is as spunky as it is affordable? H&M, that's who. If your kiddo loves pretending to battle ghosts, they're going to absolutely adore wearing this Ghostbuster's Halloween costume from H&M while roaming the neighborhood collecting candy on the spookiest night of the year.



This one-piece velour Halloween costume for babies and toddlers features a hood with an adorable bat face. H&M has somehow figured out a way to make bat fangs cute on a baby Halloween costume, and paired with the webbed bat wings under each arm it totally works.



You have probably seen your fair share of unicorn costumes for sale this Halloween season, but this candy-colored unicorn costume from H&M is truly unique. Instead of your child becoming a unicorn by dressing like one, they'll appear to be riding a unicorn when wearing this costume, which is just too magical for words.


Police Officer

Available in sizes for both toddlers and youth, this Halloween costume from H&M consists of a long-sleeved tee with a police officer uniform printed on the front and a police officer cap. Simply pair with a pair of black pants and you're ready to go!



I can see a dragon-loving kid absolutely rocking this cozy velour onesie on a cold Halloween night. Complete with a dragon tail and soft spikes all the way down the back, when they wear this green dragon costume with reptilian print all your kid will be missing when they wear this costume is the ability to breathe fire.


Dino Skeleton

While dinosaurs and skeletons are pretty popular choices for kids Halloween costumes, H&M combines the two to give your dino-loving kid the best of both worlds with this dinosaur skeleton costume. Available in youth sizes 2-10, this long-sleeved jersey costume features a padded, detachable tail.



If your kid is ready to put a spell on your neighbors while they're out trick-or-treating, this is the costume to do it in. Whether they want to channel their favorite Harry Potter character or just like waving a wand around, they're sure to be quite magical in this blue cape and hat set with gold accents from H&M.



Although you can definitely DIY a mummy costume pretty easily with a few rolls of toilet paper, your kids will likely enjoy wearing this one piece zip-up mummy costume from H&M much more. Made from a lightweight jersey material, the costume hood features an eye mask that gives the classic costume a hauntingly cool appeal.



Dressing up as an animal for Halloween is something most little kids will do at least once, and choosing an animal that is both ferocious and adorable — like a tiger — is just perfect. This cozy one piece tiger costume from H&M is available for babies and toddlers who are looking to roar their way through the Halloween season this year.



For older kids who want to get into the spirit of the Halloween holiday, this shark costume from H&M is an ideal choice — and even more so if baby brother or sister is super into the "Baby Shark" song. Available in youth sizes 10-12 and 14-16, this one piece shark costume features a hooded top complete with a full set of soft shark teeth attached to the velour suit.



Princess costumes can get pricey when you're facing buying an official licensed costume version of your child's favorite princess' dress. This turquoise princess dress from H&M is an affordable option that gives off major Elsa vibes with silver sequin and snowflake accents.



As the quintessential symbol of the Halloween season, dressing your kid up as a pumpkin at least once is basically a rite of passage. This particular design is sized to fit youth sizes 2-10, and can be worn over pretty much anything your child already owns. It's affordable, easy to wear, and peak Halloween — what more could you ask for?

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