11 January-Inspired Baby Names For Your Winter Wonder Baby


The new year is here and, for many, it signals a time of new beginnings. The festive feelings from the holidays linger and the anticipation of spring breathes life into an otherwise snow-covered time of year. For those expecting a baby in January, your feelings can be all over the place. You may be exhausted from the holiday hangover. Or, in anticipation of your baby’s arrival, you’re motivated to find the best way to start the new year. Either way, a fun activity for any mom-to-be during this winter month is looking for January-inspired baby names.

January is a great time in which to be born. Who knows? Your baby may share a birthday with a celeb like Eddie Redmayne or Mariska Hargitay. Plus, there is no shortage of inspiration in this month. When you look at all the winter traditions from around the world, where freedom from the past, the beauty of nature, and the joy of renewal are all celebrated, you can’t help but to feel optimistic. If you and your partner still disagree on names, you don’t have one picked out yet, or you just enjoy looking through all the different baby names out there, then look no further. Check out some of the top baby names that fit perfectly with the month of January.

1. Hope

A virtuous and optimistic name for a baby girl, Hope is a perfect way to celebrate a new year.

2. Xavier

A name meaning bright couldn't be more appropriate for bringing home the new light of your life.

3. Aurora

Not just for Disney princesses, this name has its roots in mythology where Aurora was Roman goddess of the dawn.

4. Eirwen

Pronounced like the more traditional name Irwin, this Welsh name means white snow. A perfect moniker if you're a big fan of blizzards.

5. Carnation

The flower of January, this name would be perfect if you want a different but sweet girl's name.

6. Fox

One of the few animals to thrive in arctic temperatures, this cunning name would work for any fan of nature (or a certain X-Files agent.)

7. Roxana

From the Persian word for bright or new, this girl's name has a bit of fun edginess to it.

8. Garnet

Rarely used since the 1940s, this unisex name is not only the birthstone of January, it also represents healing energy when used during meditation.

9. Harding

A unique boy's name, Harding means son of the courageous one. What better way to instill bravery and confidence in a child?

10. Luna

If you're a Harry Potter fan, you might like this girl's name meaning moon, especially since winter is when the moon is at its highest.

11. Darby

January is all about fresh starts and new beginnings, so why not pick this unisex name meaning free for your little one?

Images: Dhi/Flickr; Giphy (11)