11 Kids' TV Shows & Movies Coming To Netflix In April That Every Parent Will Love

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My son is only three years old, but in the past couple of months he's become such an expert at using his iPad for things like YouTube and Netflix that it's scary. He knows the value in binge watching and he can barely wipe his own bottom after using the potty. But with my own love of TV and movies, I can't really fault him, especially with all of the kids TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in April.

It used to be that sitting down to watch hours of TV or movie marathons made you lazy or uninspired, but since binge watching and doing the whole Netflix and chill thing in the most literal sense of the phrase is now socially acceptable, who am I to say no? There's also something so fun and amazing about being able to not only share your favorite childhood TV shows and movies with your kid, but also to have them share theirs with you.

Any parent can plop their kid in front of Disney Jr. and let them have at it (and OK, I may have done that a few times myself), but being able to hang out with them while enjoying something together is what makes binge watching kind of great for kids and parents. And all of the kids TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in April are proof of that.

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