11 Mother's Day Gifts For Your Pregnant Wife, Because She's More Than Earned It


If your wife is currently pregnant, then this year marks her first Mother's Day as a mom. She's probably feeling a mix of emotions; as exciting as it is to expand your family, dealing with constant physical and emotional changes isn't fun. Plus, she might be wondering, should I even be celebrating the holiday?. Well, yes. She could use some extra love and pampering, and these Mother's Day gifts for your pregnant wife will make her feel like the queen she is.

Just because the baby isn't here yet doesn't mean your wife isn’t a mom. She's already making mom-level sacrifices like dealing with lack of sleep, morning sickness, bloating, and a plethora of other not-so-fun pregnancy symptoms. Not to mention, growing eyeballs and brains takes a lot of work and energy. Now is the time to go out of your way to make sure your wife feels appreciated. Time is limited once a child comes into the picture and who knows if you'll have the wherewithal to remember you should be spoiling your wife after sleepless nights with a baby.

To take the pressure off of finding something for her this year, use this guide as inspiration. Here are 11 Mother's Day gift ideas for the pregnant woman in your life.

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1. Bath Salts

Gift her a good bath soak, for all the reasons. Maternity brand Storq and natural skincare line Earth tu Face to create this fragrant and effective blend of relaxing lavender, rose, calendula, and yarrow. Each jar is filled with an assortment of salts (including Epsom, which is a pregnant woman’s BFF to help with swelling and postpartum mom’s savior when it comes to healing and pesky hemorrhoids), and your wife will be able to get about four soaks. Stock up if you can, because chances are, she’ll want to use this on the regular for many months to come.

2. Belly Sheet Mask

If your partner will find any excuse to lay on the couch — from “I’m pregnant” to “it’s Wednesday” — with a sheet mask on, she’ll love a version that’s designed specifically for her growing bump. It’s biodegradable, smells nice, and a great Insta opportunity with it’s adorable winking eye on the design. You can bundle a few together, or pair this gift with a bunch of face sheet masks so she can do both at the same time. Heads up, she’ll be out of commission during the 15-30 minutes she’s masking, so if you have a good sense of humor, package it all with a tiny bell she can use to beckon you if she needs anything.

3. Non-Toxic Nail Polish

All the nail polishes from Olive & June’s well-edited line of shades are 7-free, which means they are free of 7 toxic ingredients that are found in many polishes. You can buy colors a la cart — seriously, kudos to you if you know your wife’s go-to shade — or choose one of their curated sets. The Summer collection includes shades that are popular for the specific season (think neutrals and pastels). If you’re looking to drop a little more, their Everything Box comes with 6 shades and a tool kit, and the Full Set includes the entire polish collection (32 bottles) for $248.

4. Really Comfy Pajamas

She won’t ever want to change out of these super soft jersey pajamas. Good for pregnancy and after childbirth, they accommodate growing bellies and breastfeeding moms alike. They might feel like a bit of a splurge for a pair of simple pjs, but the last thing you want to do is get a pregnant woman cute but itchy clothes to wear. These are simple, buttery soft, and their loose fit makes them super comfortable.

5. Foot Massager

All the extra pounds that come with pregnancy can do a number on the feet. Even the most ticklish can enjoy this deep tissue foot massager that hits all the pressure points in one’s tootsies, and the heated setting on this gadget is the icing on the cake. She’ll be using this all the time during pregnancy and even during the postpartum period when she really won’t ever sit down. It’s got a 4.5 star rating on Amazon (from nearly 3,000 reviews).

6. Personalized Jewelry

Whether this is your wife’s first child or fifth, there’s no doubt a piece of customized jewelry will make her swoon. Tiny Tags’ simple, engraved jewelry pieces can be personalized with Baby’s name, birth date, initials, and stone. Since she’s expecting and babies don’t typically arrive on their exact due date, it might be wise to refrain from anything date-related (save that for your wife’s birthday or next year), but their name, nickname, or even just “mama” is a sweet, meaningful move. Choose from gold or silver and browse from their assortment of tags, bracelets, necklaces, and charms. Order by May 3 to get your piece delivered by Mother’s Day.

7. Her Favorite Meal

What’s your wife’s favorite food? Perhaps it’s an elaborate dish you made that one time you proposed or a simple yet perfectly executed pasta from a local restaurant. Either way, make sure it (or something close) is on the dining table on Mother’s Day. Since she’s expecting, it’s very possible that food is a top priority, and if you put some thought into the meal (even if you don’t cook it yourself), the sentiment behind it will make the meal taste that much better. You can even order some non-alcoholic wine to pair with the meal. Wines For Mother’s has 0.0% whites, reds, and rosé options, flat and sparkling.

8. Hand Cream

When you can’t go to a spa, the next best thing is smelling like you just did. Aesop’s luxurious vegan hand creams are an ideal consistency (not too thick, not too watery), and it leaves a greaseless finish. This one smells like how what one might imagine an enchanted garden would (rosemary and citrus are the high notes), and it’s very moisturizing, especially on dry hands. It feels like a substantial amount of cream, but it’s also just the right size to fit in a purse, so your wife can take it with her when she’s out and about.

9. A Gift Card To Shop Her Favorite Store

Here’s the thing… your wife doesn’t want to wake up on Mother’s Day to just a gift card — it feels a little bit thoughtless. If you go this route, make sure you pair it with something sweet and sentimental: breakfast in bed, a letter (that’s at least five original sentences in length and not a pre-written card), some flowers you grabbed from the garden waiting on her nightstand, you get it. As for how much to put on it, it’s really up to you and what your family is able to manage, but make sure it’s something she can use on herself. For example, if it’s some cash to shop at Target, you better make sure she’s putting something like clothes or makeup in the basket, not a family-size bottle of shampoo for the whole family or a storage basket to help keep the nursery organized.

10. Flowers

Let’s be honest, flowers are nice to receive on Mother’s Day — or any day for that matter. Bouqs is an online florist that specifically sources from sustainable flower farms that strive to produce little to no waste. They are accepting Mother’s Day order as late as May 8, but you don’t want to wait until the last minute because it’s possible your first choice arrangement might be sold out.

11. Framed Photo

Get some photos printed for your wife this Mother’s day. There are plenty of designs, from simple to complex, available from stationary sites like Minted. Selecting photos will probably be the hardest part of this process, but since it’s Mother’s Day and you’re celebrating your pregnant wife, pick your (or her) favorite photos of her showing off her bump. If you choose an option that allows for multiple shots, include the ultrasound pics as well. She can keep smaller frames on her nightstand and larger frames can hang on the wall in the living room or even in the nursery. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

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