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Angela Is Twitter's New Favorite 'Big Brother' Houseguest

Angela is proof that you should never underestimate any houseguest on Big Brother. For the first few weeks of Season 20, she managed to fly under the radar, virtually undetected, while remaining unthreatening to the other houseguests. And like a phoenix rising from the ashes, she took her Head of Household reign and ran with it. Because of her 180 in the house, she’s garnered a lot of sudden attention and now there are some legitimately funny tweets about Angela from Big Brother.

At the start of the season, she did excel in a couple of the first competitions, but afterward, she laid low. Much like Swaggy’s strategy to win a competition or two and then lay low, Angela did just that and flew through several elimination ceremonies unscathed. After she chose to make some big moves during her HOH week, however, she’s gained some new fans and haters alike, who have taken to Twitter to make memes and gifs out of her decisions that shook the house quite a bit in the past week.

I don't know if any of her moves were wrong, per se, because everyone plays the game differently and for themselves. But depending on which houseguest you’re currently rooting for, Angela might be your new favorite or your newest target to root against this season. Here are 11 jokes about Angela's recent week on Big Brother that had me cackling.


Angela Who?

Angela has been as much of a part of the Big Brother house this season as anyone, but after she did well in the first big competition on the season premiere, she fell back a bit. Naturally, fans took to Twitter to jokingly ask about the "new houseguest" that had arrived when Rachel Swindler was voted out.


Angela's Mistaken Theories

Part of Angela’s big Power of Veto meeting speech banked on her theory that Bayleigh was the hacker. Viewers know that it was Haleigh who won the competition to give her that very powerful and anonymous power, but Angela seemed so secure in her idea that Bayleigh was the big mastermind behind it all. And even though she probably didn't believe Bayleigh when she told her that she wasn't, in fact, the hacker, Twitter was ready to call Angela out for being oh so wrong.


Angela's Bewildering Game Play

Then there are some Big Brother fans who just don't get Angela’s overall game. I know the point is to take out the stronger competitors whenever you can, but Angela had so many facts wrong that what she wanted to be an important HOH week turned out a lot messier than she probably anticipated.


Angela's *Really* Bewildering Game Play

Angela has shown her true colors with multiple houseguests during her HOH this past week. She also made a few enemies and missed out on some free cash for the sake of holding onto the power that the Veto gave her.


Angela's Stroke Of Genius

I know that no one really knows how to play the game until they’re in the Big Brother house, so it's easy to judge houseguests from the outside looking in. But Angela made one too many bold moves this week and it could all blow back on her hard.


Angela's *New* Personality

Before Angela became the HOH, she mingled with other houseguests and talked game to an extent. Now that she’s out in the forefront making moves, she’s like a whole other player. Unfortunately, it’s at the cost of making some of the houseguests upset.


Angela's Friend Tyler

Like with more than one other HOH reign this season, Tyler was in the HOH's ear, pulling the strings ever so slightly. He was like the wizard behind the curtain and Angela didn't realize a thing.


Angela's Friend Rachel

Angela made her first big move that showed her true colors when she made it her business to get Rachel out of the house, even though they were Big Brother BFFs at the time. It was made all the more disappointing when we saw how upset and confused Rachel was upon watching her goodbye messages.


Angela's Evil Streak

I’m not even sure if editing is to blame for Angela’s moves in the house and the way she’s being perceived by other houseguests and even fans. But she clearly came on the show for a different kind of game. Ok, not really, but she made some seriously diabolical moves this week.


Angela's Actual Identity

The joke about Angela being a new houseguest going into week six will never get old. At least it means that she’s now playing a much more active game, so there’s that.


Angela's Power Moves

The latest Veto competition was definitely unique in how Angela managed to snag all of the power for herself. Again, that’s the name of the game here. But it really was a little tense during that Veto comp.

Whether you love the game Angela is suddenly playing or wish she’d go back to the background of Big Brother, her week of HOH has not been for nothing. She made the game exciting and cutthroat and has helped it go down as one of the better seasons in the show’s history. I just wonder how her big moves are going to impact her once her power is gone.