These 11 Pics Of Babies Dressed As Pumpkins Are Almost Too Cute To Handle

Growing up as an '80s baby, there were always pics of babies dressed like pumpkins in people's homes and photo albums (remember those?). It was a right of passage to wear a bulbous orange cloth outfit with tights underneath and a pumpkin top and stem on your head — no matter what sex you were. In fact, I think I was one of these bulbous pumpkins for at least two Halloweens. Cut me some slack, this was before I had opinions and could decide what I wanted to be for Halloween, OK?

I'm so happy to see that many folks are continuing the babies dressed like pumpkins tradition today — and to think, they say millennials are so much different than boomers. But now, to my delight, people are putting their babies in real pumpkins with little leg holes cut out. Some are just wearing a diaper (I'm assuming, otherwise that would be quite a mess to clean up). Others are "meta pumpkins" and have on a pumpkin costume while sitting within a real live pumpkin. So whether you're looking for some inspo for your baby's first (or fourth as the case may be — thanks, mom) pumpkin Halloween costume, or just love looking at babies dressed as pumpkins because it's one of the best parts of Halloween, this list will definitely make you smile.


Crochet Hat Pumpkin

Look how chill this baby looks in their super-cute crochet pumpkin hat? They fit right in with the other pumpkins in the patch.


Pumpkins and Candy Corn

Though there is definitely fierce debate about whether candy corn is delicious or not, everyone can agree that this baby in a pile of candy corn is the quintessential Halloween photo. Baby dressed as pumpkin? Check. Candy corn whether you love it or hate it? Check. This baby looks like they made a candy corn angel while they were lying there. Too cute.


The Pumpkin in the Patch With The Sweetest Smile

This baby is stoked to be dressed as a pumpkin. I would be too if I looked this cute in a costume. They've got it all. The hat with the stem, the body suit, and even the black boots to match. It's almost a more modern take on those '80s pumpkin outfits.


Double Trouble Pumpkins

Double double toil and trouble — these babies are so cute in their matching pumpkin outfits it's scary. They also look pretty cozy.


Pumpkin Butts

I laughed out loud when I saw this photo. How clever and adorable. So perhaps this baby isn't necessarily dressed as a pumpkin but it definitely still works, don't you think?


Happiest Pumpkin In The Patch

I can't with the cuteness of this baby in this costume. His sweet smile matches the pumpkin's smile. And the shoes and socks make the pumpkin outfit, wouldn't you say?


A Meta Pumpkin Costume

An adorable and sweet baby dressed as a pumpkin, within a pumpkin. So meta and too adorable. This happy baby's smile will ensure you have the best Halloween ever.


A So Cute It's Scary Pumpkin

I like the hat and costume ensemble here and the fact that there's a witty saying on the bodysuit. Plus this baby is super adorable and looks like they are being placed with their "people" — a pile of pumpkins. The baby fits right in.


As Above So Below Pumpkin

This baby is too adorable with their pumpkin hat and "pumpkin skirt." The best of both worlds of a baby in a pumpkin costume.


A Delicious Pumpkin

Y'all. This baby's adorable rolls match the pumpkin's and I can't handle the cute in this photo. I'd say her bow makes the outfit, wouldn't you say? I bet her favorite food will be pumpkin pie, and she'll have this photo to thank for that.


A Crochet Pumpkin

This baby was so excited about being dressed up as a pumpkin and spreading Halloween cheer that they had to take a nap. The adorableness was too much to handle.