11 Thoughts Every Mom Has On Christmas Morning

Being a parent around the holidays is an adjustment period. I’m still enjoying the magic of it all, but I feel responsible for creating it, too. The baked goods just don’t appear in the kitchen; the gifts don't magically wrap themselves; the decorations aren’t hung unless someone does it. I’m not complaining, these are wonderful responsibilities to have, but it does take some getting used to and, in many ways, I’m still processing this new role. I would guess that I'm not alone. Specifically I think there are some thoughts all moms have on Christmas morning.

Before my son came along, most if not all of the reasons I enjoyed the holiday season were personal. I liked being with family and I liked the food and decorations and I, obviously, liked the presents. Now, I have a different set of priorities when it comes to holidays. To be honest, I’m glad and particularly grateful for those Christmases when my son was too small to understand anything. While I missed out on the surprise and excitement he emulates now, those baby-is-oblivious holiday seasons gave me the chance to figure out how we wanted to celebrate, and which traditions we wanted to adopt.

So, now that our son is a 2-year-old toddler and he’s starting to understand more, I'm finding myself fully experiencing what I think many other parents experience, too. At least I'm not alone, right?

“Brace Yourself”

Should I wake up before the tiny-human? I’m going to be inclined to mentally prepare for the total sensory overload I’m about to experience, so getting somewhat of a "head start" seems like a solid plan.

“Did We Remember Everything?”

D batteries? What toys still require D batteries? Please tell me we have some in the junk drawer, otherwise I might have ruined Christmas.

“Good Thing My Kid Is Cute...”

Kudos to whoever put him in festive holiday pajamas last night (OK, it was me). It makes this early wake-up slightly more pleasant.

“...And Good Thing We Have Coffee..."

Actually, this is on my mind most days. Christmas is no exception. However, the amount of coffee I think I need definitely increases around the holidays.

“...And Cookies”

What’s that, you say? Santa left a few tell-tale half-cookies behind? Don’t mind if I do.

“Is There Space On My Phone For All The Pictures I Want To Take?”

I should have thought of this while simultaneously taking care of the constant (endless) shopping, wrapping, decorating, preparing, and baking. How could I have been so naive?

“Really, Is It Too Much To Ask For One Photo Before The Insanity Starts?”

When there are presents to be opened, apparently requesting my child sit still for two seconds is too much to ask. This is the part that brings me back to my own childhood though, so I can’t be (too) mad about the fact that no one wants to stop for pictures on Christmas.

“Damn, My Kid Is Sweet”

I mean, just look at how cute he is. How many more years before he stops getting excited over the ribbons and bows? That goes until puberty, right? It’s OK to lie. I'm not ready for the truth.

“I'm Not Crying. You're Crying.”

What? Isn’t peeling onions a normal holiday tradition in most households?

"For The Next Hour, I'm Going To Enjoy This"

By “enjoy this,” I mean take it all in and engage with my son while he opens presents. Most importantly, I'm definitely going to worry about clean up later. Procrastination is key when it comes to enjoying the holidays as a parent.

“Everything Is Amazing And Life Is Wonderful”

Good thing my partner cleared space on his phone, these pictures and videos are all going to be instant classics.