12 Ideas For Father's Day Facebook Caption

It used to be enough to buy or make your lovely dad a card, get him a gift, and spend some time with him on Father's Day. But now, there's now another item on your to-do list: posting something sweet and sappy to social media. Even if a person's dfad isn't active on social media, people have taken to honoring their fathers with a post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Since Father's Day is fast approaching, you might want to start brainstorming some Father's Day Facebook captions so you're ready when the day arrives, and don't have to waste time trying to figure out what to write.

Chances are, you want it to be relatively short and to the point, because most people aren't going to sit and read eight paragraphs about how much your dad, father-in-law, stepdad, or husband means to you. It can be difficult to summarize an entire relationship — one that likely spans many years — down into a handful of sentences, but that's why you start thinking about it before the day arrives. There's still time to come up with an original Facebook post caption that's truly your own, but if you're still in need of a little help, here are 12 ideas to help you get started.


"Happy Father's Day to the guy who's always there to give me advice, teach me to drive, and will give up full weekends to move everything I own across the country if I ask."



"Happy Father's Day to the dad always down for a dance party."



"Dad, thanks for knowing when to guide me and when to step back and watch me guide myself."


"Thank you, Dad, for showing me what unconditional love looks like. Happy Father's Day."


"Missing my sweet dad more than usual today. Happy Father's Day, Dad."


"Happy Father's Day to the guy who always checked under my bed and in my closet for monsters — the best dad in the world."



"Happy Father's Day to the man who's been by my side since day one. I love you."


"Happy Father's Day, Dad. There's no one better than you. I'm so lucky that you are mine."



"Happy Father's Day to both of the dads in my life. I couldn't have asked for better role models than the two of you."


"Happy Father's Day, Dad. Thanks for everything you do for all of us."


"Happy Father's Day to my sweet husband. Thank you for being the best dad to our kids. There's no one I'd rather do parenthood with than you."