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12 Flaws Every Ravenclaw Will Always Have, So You Better Learn To Love Them Anyway

Another day, another chance to be reminded of what a genius that J.K. Rowling is. Lately, I've been giving a lot of attention to the various Hogwarts houses, and the differences between them. And, full disclosure: as a self-identified AND online quiz-verified member of Rowena's house, I've spent lots of time pouring over descriptions, lists, and pretty much any page with "signs that you're a Ravenclaw" on it. And, yes, while every house has strengths, we don't always discuss the weaknesses (unless, of course, we're talking about Slytherin because those aren't exactly a secret. Looking at you, Malfoy).

On a personal note, I think your Hogwarts house can be compared to your patronus, or your astrology sign, or which member of the Backstreet Boys you grew up loving (Nick, obvi). There are going to be elements of your personality that clearly connect to the specific category, and some others that don't. Along those same lines, some of those traits are going to be positive, but there is a tiny, small, miniscule chance that perhaps not all of them will be (still looking at you, Malfoy). So, when it comes to claiming one's status as a Ravenclaw, it's important to remember that yes, while we are an impressive bunch, we are indeed still flawed:

You Can Occasionally Be Blinded By Ambition

I mean, I'm not saying you stay up all night to meet deadlines and make your kid's Halloween costume and you still floss before bed...but I'm not saying you don't.

You Might Make Jokes That Are Funny To You...Only You

In addition to our quirky, bookish humor, we are sometimes guilty of forgetting that not everyone around us spends the same amount of time skimming Wikipedia and memorizing super-random details about punctuation, state capitals, and the Hemsworth brothers (*cough*). It's fine. We know we're funny. Not our fault if you don't get it.

You Enjoy Being The Smartest Person In The Room, And It Shows

OK, we're probably not going to get picked first in kickball, so our self-esteem has to come from somewhere.

Our Quirks Can Make Us Tough To Relate To

Oh, you mean not everyone things it's fun to do jigsaw puzzles and daydream about starting a sanctuary for baby elephants, alpacas, and bunnies?

We're Often Stuck Deep Inside Our Own Heads

My partner has the patience of Molly Weasley, because he has to deal with me saying, "Sorry, what? I wasn't listening," at least daily, if not hourly.

...Or In Between The Pages Of A Book

Shh, can't talk right now. Let me get through this chapter.

We May Overlook The Accomplishments Of Others

Just because someone did something that we want to do, doesn't mean we shouldn't be happy for them and proud of their efforts (as hard as that might be).

We May Have, Uh, Questionable Taste In Clothes


Our Competitive Drive Can Get Borderline Aggressive

Maybe "aggressive" is too strong of a word. But I do remember getting more than a few raised eyebrows in school from classmates who were like, "You actually care about that?" Um, yes. Yes, I do.

We May Be A Poor Judge Of Character

And I have the ex-boyfriends to prove it.

We Can Be Prone To Jealousy

Though, we have read enough books to know that it's an ugly emotion and that it's best to work through it. So that's something, right?

We're From The Same House As Gilderoy Lockart

I wish there was something I could do about this one, but J.K. Rowling has spoken. While not nearly as bad as some of the other witches and wizards who threatened Harry and pals, Lockhart's propensity for lying and grandeur makes him a less-than-ideal comrade.