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You'll Actually Like These 12 Kid-Appropriate Spotify Playlists

Music is like a universal language that has the ability to connect people from all backgrounds and of all ages. But when you're in the car with your kids, nothing is more frustrating than turning on what you think is going to be a family-friendly station and ending up listening to lyrics that are questionable at best and vulgar at worst. Ugh, the struggle is real sometimes. That's where having a kid-appropriate Spotify music playlist comes in handy.

When your 4-year-old is demanding the Trolls soundtrack and your precious preteen only wants to listen to JoJo Siwa and BTS bops, you might find your head spinning just a bit from having to explain over and over again why it is imperative to take turns when selecting songs to play if the whole family is listening along. On a road trip or even just a long car ride, finding music that everyone can enjoy together is an absolute must to keep the fighting and eye rolling to a minimum.

Before you set out on any in-car journeys with your kids, you can queue up these kid-appropriate Spotify music playlists to make sure that everyone arrives at your destination with a smile on their face (and your sanity intact). They're also great to jam at home or in your backyard any time to get everyone in your house moving and grooving together.


Kid Friendly Playlist by Epaquatics

There is a little bit of everything on the Kid Friendly Playlist by Epaquaitcs, from High School Musical and Cheetah Girls tunes that your kids will love dancing and singing along with to pop hits by artists like Kelly Clarkson and Shawn Mendes. This playlist also features a few oldies, but goodies sprinkled throughout from all decades and genres like "ABC" by Jackson 5 and "Everybody" by Backstreet Boys.


Kid Friendly Songs by Emily Welsh

The Kid Friendly Songs playlist by Emily Welsh features a ton of current pop hits that are totally acceptable to play around kids. On this list, you'll find upbeat tunes by artists like Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and Meghan Trainor. It's like listening to a Top 40 radio station, but minus the commercials and questionable lyrics every 4th or 5th song.


Kid Friendly Country by Cgrady17

Around my house, we're huge country music fans, so having Kid Friendly Country by Cgrady17 on hand to listen to together is an absolute must. Current country radio hits that you already love to sing along to fill this 51-song playlist, as well as a few older (think 90s Tim McGraw) country tunes that you can introduce your kids to.


Kid Movie Songs by Heatherelizabeth

If your kids love to sing along to songs from their favorite movies, Kid Movie Songs by Heatherelizabeth is the kid appropriate playlist for your family. Songs from recent movies like Frozen, Home, and Zootopia make this list fun for kids, but classic favorites from the original Mary Poppins and Aladdin movies will have you feeling all the feels while you listen along.


Kids Action Songs by Childrenlovetosing

When you need to get your younger kids moving around, the Kids Action Songs playlist by Childrenlovetosing is absolutely perfect for encouraging kids to dance along. Classic kids songs like "The Wheels on the Bus" are great for sing alongs, while instructional songs like "Reach Up High" will have your kids moving along to the song's directions to get them up and shaking.


Ocean Life - Kid Mix by Gnome_de_plume

With "Baby Shark" all the rage among the 5 and under crowd these days, this playlist is sure to become a fast favorite with your little ones. Aside from the requisite shark hit, classic "Baby Beluga" and "Under the Sea", you'll find 77 other songs about the sea that your kids can enjoy in Ocean Life -Kid Mix by Gnome_de_plume.


Animal Songs For Children by Bounce Patrol

If you have any animal-loving kiddos in your house, this playlist filled with 99 songs about furry friends will be an absolute smash hit with your littles. Fun, silly songs with animal themes like "Ba Ba Baboon" by Story Bots and "The Monkey Dance" by The Wiggles can be found on Animal Songs For Children by Bounce Patrol.


Disney&Nickelodeon by Kimberly Tebyanian

This playlist is a tween's dream come true. Featuring hits from Disney Channel Original Movies and Nickelodeon shows, the Disney&Nickelodeon playlist by Kimberly Tebyanian has every song imaginable from television sensations past and present. Yes, there are Hannah Montana songs, but also an abundance of Descendants songs and Selena Gomez power ballads.


Kid Bopz Kids by Elese Wolstencroft

A little edgier than your typical bubblegum Disney playlist, Kid Bopz Kids by Elese Wolstencroft features upbeat tunes that your kids have heard on the radio, but all sung by the Kidz Bop Kids. I love knowing that these catchy pop songs have been edited to include clean language and had the suggestive parts removed, so I can confidently listen to popular music without having to explain an iffy lyric here or there.


Toddler Tunes by Spotify

Fun and catchy songs with simple lyrics are the bread and butter of the Toddler Tunes playlist by Spotify. The littlest music lovers in your home will quickly learn these tunes and want to listen over and over again until you absolutely can't take another verse of "I'm a Little Teapot."


Kids Music - Slow by Maureen Rafferty

Sometimes, you just need to throw on some relaxing music that you and your kids can all enjoy. Kids Music - Slow by Maureen Rafferty features songs with slower tempos that are all either kid-friendly faves or more popular songs with soft vibes like "Upside Down" by Jack Johnson.


Kid Friendly Oldies by Hitchkatie

Kid Friendly Oldies by Hitchkatie features songs you know by heart that you can introduce to your kids without worrying about the content. Tunes by The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Queen, and The Village People will have your whole family all rocking and rolling together.