New emojis for the iPhone 13.2 update

12 New iPhone Emojis Us Moms Have Been Waiting For

Sometimes all of those iPhone updates can get annoying, but there’s a good chance that you’re going to love this latest one. Emojipedia announced that there are brand spanking new emojis with the latest iPhone iOS 13.2 update. And we’re not talking 10 or 20 cute little characters to choose from, but a whopping 398 icons to take your texting to the next level. Of those, there are 14 new emojis that moms have been waiting for... without even realizing it.

I have to admit that I don’t always update my iPhone as often as I should, mostly because the updates aren’t exactly exciting. Sure, they sometimes fix buggy issues or make apps run more smoothly, but apart from that, there’s nothing sexy that makes me want to upgrade. But new emojis? I’m. All. In. You’d think as a writer that I would prefer words over pics, but not really. Just like everyone else, I’m all about finding faster ways to communicate with my colleagues and kids. And sometimes, a well-placed emoji beats a well-written sentence any day of the week.

While the new emojis have a strong focus on inclusion and diversity, there are a plethora of icons that moms might find an absolute essential when they’re texting. So the next time you pick up your phone to text, take a look at these adorable emojis. You’ll wonder how you ever texted without them.


Yawn Face


Hands down, one of the most popular emojis for moms will be the yawning face. I mean, pretty much every momma out there is tired, so this one will probably wind up in your Frequently Used section. I’ve had the update for only an hour and it’s already on mine.


Bathing Suit


Sure, we’re going into the winter months now, but seeing that swimsuit emoji might make you dream of that vacation next year. The one-piece bathing suit is a pretty two-toned blue color, which might remind you of serene cerulean seas.


Blood Drop


The drop of blood emoji is also a winner in this latest update. While you can use it to indicate anything from a nosebleed to a skinned knee, it’s most likely going to be popular among teen girls to help them indicate (without words) that they’re on their period without having to directly say so. And moms can use it too: Partner wants to know why you’re so cranky? The red blood drop should say it all.


Juice Box


How many times a day do you ask your kid if she wants a juice box? Probably too many to count. This emoji shortens your texting time and makes quick work of your shopping list should you run out (which you most likely will).




There are some moments when you just don’t feel like doing anything. Using the sloth symbol shows the world just what kind of mood you’re in. Or that it’s a “hanging in there” kind of day. Or both.




In my house, waffles are on the menu almost every morning. So whether you’re texting a tween who won’t get out of bed what she wants for breakfast or letting your sweetie know what to pick up at the supermarket, this waffle icon will work wonders.


Ballerina Shoes


When you’re in the throes of chauffering duty and a friend texts you, you can always send back this ballerina shoes emoji to let them know what you’re doing. Although it’s ballet-inspired, it would really work for any dance-related activity (and give a break to the dancing girl icon).


Listen Emoji


The listening emoji is part of Apple’s new efforts to have more inclusivity in their icons. Although this one is meant for people who have hearing challenges, moms can use this emoji when you just want your kid to listen to you. No small feat, indeed.




When your kid’s room reeks, send him this skunk emoji to get your point across. It might not get him to clean up, but at least you’ll let him know that it smells like something died in there.


Ice Cube


You can use the ice cube emoji for so many things. Maybe you want your sweetie to put some more ice in your mommy juice. Maybe you’re letting him know that it’s cold in your house. Or maybe that you’ve run out of ice.




I don’t know that you’d have a real use for this (unless you’re texting someone about how excited you are that it’s almost the time for Emmett Otter’s Jugband Christmas coming up). But the emoji is so darn cute that you’re sure to find a way to weave this into your texts, anyway.




Again, it’s all about the food. When you can’t figure out what you want to eat for date night, you can’t go wrong with a falafel. Whether you actually get one (or make one) isn’t really relevant — just seeing the icon might inspire you to try some new foods, like that new Middle Eastern join that just opened up in your area.

Although there are so many new emojis to choose from, chances are these 12 will be on heavy rotation during your next texting sesh.