12 Text Messages Every Woman Sends Her Partner In Her Second Trimester

When I look back on pregnancy now, it’s clear to me that the second trimester is the best trimester, and the most full of happy feels. I was over the initial stress and discomfort of the first trimester, but not yet in the thick of the stress and discomfort of the third trimester. We weren’t keeping the pregnancy a secret anymore, and maternity clothes were still novelties that weren’t destined to turn into wardrobe malfunctions like they did in the third trimester. I even had enough energy and motivation to wear cute hats (I know, impressive right?). By the time the third trimester rolled around, I was so over fashionable accessories, and more focused on ensuring that my belly band stayed in place and didn’t creep up to reveal open pants (unfortunately, my success rate was far from perfect on this one) that hats and the like were no longer priorities.

As you might imagine, the texts I sent during the second trimester reflected this whole range of experiences and emotions. And even though it was a fairly happy time, it was still a pregnant time, meaning there were still heightened emotions and some pretty crazy side effects. Allow me to share some examples:

On Your Readiness For The Baby To Come

Baby registries are arguably one of the best and one of the worst things in the world. I highly recommend using a trusted friend’s or family member’s registry as the baseline for your own, otherwise you may never accomplish anything else during your entire pregnancy aside from researching and re-researching duck thermometers.

On Advice You’ve Just Heard

But really, can any of us ever truly play enough classical music to our bellies? Where do we draw the line?

An Update On Your Appetite

No shame. We’ve all been there. I never enjoyed eating as much as I did during my pregnancy, so I am right there with you.

Name Ideas

As tempting as it is to suggest “Bieber” or “Dumbledore,” you do have your limits. Like, you're a reasonable person.

Babymoon Ideas

No? How about Australia? The crazy energy that comes during the second trimester might as well go toward something productive aside from, you know, gestating a human.

Reminders To Take A Bump Photo

Because the idea of changing out of your cute maternity clothes and then back into them for photos is just silly, guys. That would be insane.

An Admittedly Unreasonable Request From The Grocery Store

I mean, it’s not like you’re going to eat them together. *cough*

Wardrobe Update

The first time those pants don't snap is equal parts exciting and traumatizing. It's about to get very, very real.

A Thrilling Excuse To Stay In

Even though the second trimester seems to bring the most energy, we are still sustaining life with our bodies, so sometimes (OK, most of the time) nights under a blanket are a requirement.

Something You Read In A Pregnancy Book

It’s impossible to keep up with all the advice and updates. Just ask your mom, or really just anyone who's been pregnant before.

On Your Ability To Stay Up Past Dinnertime

I mean, of course the pregnant woman can do the asking if she so chooses, it just seemed right to prompt her partner to do it because she's already doing enough, wouldn't you agree? Like, maybe you can handle the romance for now, babe. I'm carrying my share of the load around here.

An Update On Your Sleep Habits

Yes, but will a body pillow keep you warm at night? Actually, I mean, it might. (But it won't bring you nacho cheese and watermelon, so...)