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There Are So! Many! Disney Channel Halloween Movies To Watch

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It's officially the creepiest month of the year, which means I can finally engage in my favorite pastime without being judged: watching Halloweentown while stuffing my face with pumpkin-shaped Reeses. The beloved Disney Channel classic's mix of preteen-angst and supernatural creatures is a Halloween must, and the low-level scariness puts me in the spirit of the season like nothing else. I usually just stick to Halloweentown to get in the October mood, but this year I got to thinking about the other Disney Channel Halloween movies I loved as a kid.

There really was nothing like the thrill of watching a new Disney Channel original movie back in the day. I remember marking the release dates in my Lisa Frank calendar and inviting friends over to watch the premieres of movies we were especially excited about. I'm pretty sure my sister actually had a birthday party that was centered around the release of High School Musical 2. Moral of the story, Disney Channel original movies were a big deal.

The network reached 100 original movies this spring (and celebrated with a marathon accordingly), and the success of their seasonal classics can't be denied. You can watch every DC original on Disney Now, and why wouldn't you use that capability to watch every Disney Halloween movie ever created? Plus, if you're like me and spook easily, these "kids" movies are a great way to celebrate Halloween without getting scared out of your wits, and your kids can get in on the fun too.

Whether you're revisiting old favorites or watching these classics for the first time, buckle up for a marathon that will get you in the Halloween spirit with an extra dose of nostalgia.


Under Wraps

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In the first ever Disney Channel Halloween movie, three twelve-year-olds get mixed up with a 3,000-year-old mummy, and chaos, laughter, and romance (yes, you read that correctly) ensue. It turns out the mummy is desperate to be reunited with his long lost love, and who better to help him than three adolescents?


Smart House

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This one isn't technically a Halloween movie, but it's definitely scary enough to be included. Thirteen-year-old Ben wins a house totally run by a computer system called "PAT" in what seems like the ultimate dream come true, but things go awry when the PAT tries to control his family members' lives. You might want to unplug Alexa while you watch.


Don't Look Under the Bed

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The first ever PG-rated Disney Channel movie, Don't Look Under the Bed tells the story of what happens when someone who doesn't believe in the supernatural discovers the bogeyman under her bed. I won't judge if you look under your bed after watching.


Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire

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The Hansen kids hatch a plot to get their mom on a date so they can go out on Halloween, but when they discover they accidentally fixed their mom up with a vampire, the kids drop their plans to try to save their mom from becoming one of the undead. Plus, Caroline Rhea of Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Charles Shaughnessy of The Nanny play the mom and the vampire, so you can totally relive your 90s glory days.


Phantom of the Megaplex

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When major mayhem takes over at a movie theater on the night of a big premiere, three kids are forced to become detectives in this spooky whodunnit. It's a race against time as the kids try to figure out who's causing all the problems before the entire movie theater staff disappears.


Halloweentown 2: Kalabar's Revenge

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Marnie and Grandma Cromwell (queen Debbie Reynolds) are back to save Halloweentown again in this sequel that's almost as good as the original. Kalabar's got a plan to turn everyone into whatever they're dressed up as for Halloween using a magic spell book he stole, and it's up to the Cromwells to get the book back before it's too late.


Get A Clue

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Again, not a Halloween movie, but it's definitely scary. Lindsay Lohan stars as Lexy, an amateur journalist turned sleuth when one of her teachers goes missing immediately after she writes an article about him in the school paper. There's missing money, a team of teen detectives using hidden cameras, and budding romance. I'll be watching on repeat.


The Scream Team

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Two kids are tormented by the ghosts haunting their town, and the only way to stop it is to help the ghosts with their unfinished business on earth.


Halloweentown High

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That's right: there's a THIRD Halloweentown movie! Buckle up to see Marnie and the gang take on high school — with the fun of an exchange program between the mortal world and Halloweentown.


Now You See It

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Aly Michalka, of Aly and AJ, plays a gameshow producer who thinks she finally discovered someone who can really do magic. Think of it as Now You See Me for kids.



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Long lost twins, undiscovered magical powers, a realm in peril because of supernatural "darkness," and Tia and Tamera Mowry. There's truly nothing more you could want from a Halloween movie. I watched it last week, and I'm already ready for a repeat.


Return to Halloweentown

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In the fourth installment of the most epic Halloween series ever, Marnie (recast as Sara Paxton) has just started college at Witch University to complete her training, but things aren't as magical as she imagines them to be when she makes three powerful enemies on her first day of school.


Twitches Too

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Tia and Tamera are back and so is the darkness that threatens to destroy their world in this sequel, and it's up to the Twitches to save the day. Again. Their powers are stronger than ever, but will it be enough to defeat the darkness?

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