13 Holiday 2018 Gifts For Musical Kids Who Just Need To Be *Heard*


Few things delight me more than hearing kids belt out a tune. Whether they're making up their own ballads, hilariously flubbing the words of a nursery rhyme, or rocking out to radio hits with a karaoke machine, there's just something so adorable about a little human singing at the top of their lungs. If you've got a child in your life who loves to show off their pipes, there are some awesome gifts for kids who love instruments and singing that can nurture their musical gifts.

Karaoke machines and microphones are simple enough to use even for preschoolers, while beginner instruments might be more appealing to older kids. There are toys that can let kids compose their own tunes, record their lyrics, and even add electronic beats. Musical toys like these can really bring out a kid's creativity, and the results can be amazing and incredibly funny. A little cousin of mine was recently given a toy guitar for her birthday and immediately set to work on her first single, "I Can't Remember the Last Time I Took a Bath." I'm sure you'll be hearing it on the radio soon.

Here are 12 gift ideas to let kids flex their musical muscles (ear plugs not included).

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