13 New Year's Resolutions For Couples That’ll Improve Any Relationship

New Year's resolutions get a bad rep, but they are one of my favorite things in the world. What's better than a promise to yourself, a promise full of opportunity, hope, and a chance to better yourself at least until Valentine's Day? Well, there is one thing and that's New Year's resolutions for couples.

Yep. You can easily plan some goals for you and your SO that the two of you can fail miserably at come March. Kidding. (Kind of.) Look, even if you fall off the wagon with resolutions, you can always pick them back up. And if you're making resolutions, then there are obviously things you want more of in 2016, right? More adventure, more calmness, more goal-setting, more chilling out — all of it is fair game. And doing things with your partner makes it even better. Your couple resolutions don't have to focus on your relationship either, although there are plenty that could benefit the two of you. But choosing things you both want to accomplish in the next year, you just want to do it together, is just as perfect. These 13 New Year's resolutions for couples aren't too strenuous and won't require a whole lot of logistics. There's no set in stone goal like working out every day or cooking at home for at least two meals a day. They're all designed to bring you and your love closer together, while accomplishing things as partners.


Save Money For A Purchase Together

Whether you're talking about a big purchase, like buying a house, or you're planning a trip to Europe in the fall, saving money together can be a great resolution. If you're not already living together, it can help you talk about future finances and following a budget, too.


Go On A Date Each Month

Or each week. Or twice a month. Whatever time frame works best for you two. That intentional quality time is necessary to any relationship, especially when you lead such busy lives.


Have Tech Free Hours Each Night

Yep — every night. Pick two hours where all phones, computers, and televisions are off limits. Use that time to cook together, talk about your day, play a game, or have some awesome sex.


Get Healthy Together

It's always easier to make a change in your habits if you've got a motivational buddy, and who's better for than than your SO? Even if it's something as simple as eating more salads, the two of you together can hold each other accountable and keep each other going.


Stop Arguing Over Little Things

It's bound to happen, no matter how strong and thriving your relationship is. If someone has a bad day, they have a short fuse. Maybe you're exhausted from the baby keeping you up all night and now you can't keep it together. But make it a point to stop arguing over the little things so you can avoid the hurt feelings later.


Quit A Bad Habit Together

Much like making healthier choices, dropping a bad habit is always easier when you have a buddy to do it with you.


Go Somewhere New Together

There's always time to have your partner take you somewhere they love or for you to introduce your SO to your favorite place, but make it a resolution to take a trip somewhere neither of you have ever been before. Even if it's as simple as a new restaurant, it can really connect the two of you to share a new experience.


Be More Appreciative Of Each Other

You don't have to go overboard and lavish your SO with gifts and kisses every time they take out the trash, but resolving to say why you appreciate them more often won't go unnoticed.


Make The Time To Discuss Any Issues

Don't combine it with date night, but do set aside some time each week for the two of you to talk about your relationship, your goals, and your feelings. It's easy to let these things slide, especially when you're busy, so make it your own little therapy session. It can also help to weed out things that are bothering you that aren't really that important if you have a date you can look forward to so you can finally get it off your chest.


Start A New Hobby Together

Hiking, volunteering, trying out a new sport — all great ideas and super fun to tackle with your love by your side.


Communicate With Each Other's Love Language

Once you find out each other's love language, try and keep it in mind when communicating with each other. It's not as hard as it sounds. If you find out your SO's love language is physical touch, then ask them how their day was while holding their hand or rubbing their shoulders. Your partner will feel how much you care and you can relish in the fact that you're speaking your SO's language.


Say Sorry

When you screw up, don't try and blame the other person or act like it wasn't a big deal. Say you're sorry and own up to what you did.


Go To Bed Angry If There's No Solution

People always say, "don't go to bed angry," but you know what? I'm not so sure I believe in that. What's the point of arguing until 6 in the morning? You're exhausted, they're exhausted, and doesn't everything look worse in the middle of the night? Take a pause, get some sleep, and tackle the problem in the morning when you've both had some sleep and see how your perspectives change.

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