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13 Perfect Little Moments When Your Newborn Is Totally Worth The Exhaustion

It's no secret that dealing with exhaustion when you have a newborn is a fairly common condition. Most parents are extremely sleep deprived for the first few months of parenting (or, you know, always and forever until the end of time, or at least that is how it feels). This can leave all of those baby-free people wondering why the hell a grown adult would put themselves through day after day of complete and utter exhaustion.

But we parents know that, while we struggle to make it through sleepless nights and tiring days, our newborn babe is actually (no seriously, we swear) worth it. We all become extremely familiar with the signs you're not getting enough sleep: the constant yawning and the grouchiness and the bags under our weathered eyes; But we also become acutely aware that we're willing to do it again, the next day and the next day and the next.

It seems impossible (and clearly, what I'm about to say is proof that biology and centuries of evolution and child-rearing have all done wonders for our ability to survive parenthood) but a tender look or a sweet snuggle can rejuvenate even the most delirious of parents. Some moments might push you to the brink of madness and others might leave you questioning your decision to procreate in the first place, but those moments quickly fade when your newborn does that one adorable thing or makes that one weird little face or sleeps in that one silly-ass position. It's like our children are programed to force us to find our limits, then reel us back in so that we can get to neutral and feel like ourselves again.

So if you're a new parent, completely weary and wondering how you're going to make it through another day of diapers, look for these 13 moments that will make it all worth it. Trust me (and this coming from some very fatigued experience) your newborn is totally worth the sleep you're not getting.

When They Laugh

Is there anything better than that sweet, giggly baby laugh? I'll save you the strain of answering: There's not.

When They Smile In Their Sleep

I have no idea what a baby dreams about, but it must be fantastic because babies smile when they sleep and it is so precious.

When They Look At You

When your baby looks at you — and I mean really looks at you — there isn't anything like it in the world. (I also recommend bracing yourself as best you can, because you'll feel like your chest is going to explode from all the love and happiness.)

When They Wrap A Tiny Hand Around Your Finger

Their tiny, ineffectual fists wrap around a single finger and, suddenly you feel like you can conquer the world and sleep is just a figment of your imagination and probably something you can live without after all.

When They Fall Asleep On Your Chest

Danielle Campoamor

Heaven. It's just total f*cking heaven.

When They Coo

You don't know what they're saying and it definitely doesn't matter because their noises and attempts at communication are just too much to handle!

When They Make Their Poop Face

A baby's poop face is by far, hands down, the best face in the history of faces. You push those turds out, little buddy!

When They Fit Into That One Adorable Outfit

There's always that one outfit that you just can't wait to get your kid in. Whether it's the outfit you took them home from the hospital in, the outfit you changed them into once you were done with skin-to-skin, or the outfit that was a little too big that you had to patiently wait to put on; once they're in that onesie or dress or pants and a shirt, your heart just melts.

When They're Eating

Whether it's a sweet and tender moment of breastfeeding, or a snuggled-up moment of bottle feeding or you've just introduced baby food to your little one and they're excited but definitely confused, feeding time = fun time.

When Your Partner Slow Dances With Them

Seeing your partner slow-dance your baby to sleep is a memory you'll forever cherish.

When You're Rocking Them To Sleep

I don't know about you, but I loved rocking my kid to sleep because it was kind of like I was rocking myself to sleep. We were both relaxed, both swaying back and forth and both fighting our heavy eyelids. It was our thing and it was just a relaxing, comfortable bonding moment (that made it much easier for me to fall asleep after the kid did).

When They're Sleeping

Well, I mean, they're just so precious when they're not pooping or screaming or crying or spitting up.

When They're Simply Being Them

Alright, let's face it: Newborns make everything worth it. You can be so damn tired you think your eyeballs are going to fall out of your head, only to look at your baby and know that you would run a marathon on three days of no sleep if you had to. (But please, baby, don't make me because I might die.)