Pregnant woman sitting on floor wrapping Christmas presents
13 Reasons Being Pregnant In December Is The Greatest Gift Of All

As you’re rolling along with your pregnancy, you might find that you enjoy some months more than others. Being pregnant in April when the flowers are in bloom? Absolutely. Dragging around a burly bump in the dead of August? Not so much. Seasons change, months come and go, but by far, being pregnant in December is the best.

By its very nature, December is a magical month. You have the happiest of holidays, and almost everyone is in a celebratory mood. Much like pregnancy, there’s the anticipation of what’s to come, and frankly, you’re carrying the greatest gift of all right now, hands down. There’s a vibe in the air of family, friends, (and food!), and what really matters in life.

But in the middle of all that hustle and bustle, you might find in some moments that you become more introspective. (Pregnancy will do that to you.) Being pregnant in December makes you take stock even more of what’s important in your life — and what’s not. And since it’s not just you anymore that you have to worry about, you'll focus more on what you want your life to be like, for both you and your child. So whether you’re five weeks along (or ready to pop), take a minute to celebrate your burgeoning bump and why it’s so awesome to be expecting in December.


(Almost) Everyone Is Happy

For the most part, people are pretty happy during the holidays. Maybe they’re looking forward to spending special days with their family, or they might be relishing a few days off from work. As a result, people are nicer, which will make you feel happier, too.


It’s A Beautiful Time Of Year


Depending on where you live, the fall foliage might be gone. But in its place might be some fluffy white snow. The first snowfalls are so pretty and powdery, and it just might make you feel like a kid again. So jump (err, lower yourself very carefully) in the snow, so that you and your bump can make snow angels together.


You Get A Free Pass

Not feeling like seeing your sister-in-law this holiday season? Pregnancy means that you can pick and choose the activities that you’ll participate in. And more importantly, you get to select the people you’ll see — or avoid. The best part is that because you're expecting, no one will raise an eye.


You’re Getting The Best Present Of All

Whether you’re due in December or many months from now, being pregnant in December means that you have a very special gift waiting for you. And just think, next year, you’ll be holding your baby at this same time. And that’s a sweet (and sometimes surreal) thought.


The Smells! The Food!

Food, glorious food! Once you get past the icky first trimester, food might start tasting really awesome again. So cater to those cravings and serve yourself up an extra helping of happiness on a plate during December. You and baby deserve those extra mashed potatoes.


You Can Wear Comfy Clothes

Dressing your bump can be challenging at different times of the year. Thankfully, along comes December, which means you can just load up on layers, slap on some leggings and boots, and call it a day. Expecting during this month means you can be cozy and comfortable in your clothing.


You’ll Be Surrounded By Family

Family gatherings might take on more meaning when you’re pregnant. (It’s probably that whole circle of life thing.) Assuming everyone is on good terms (which can sometimes be a stretch), being surrounded by your loved ones while you’re pregnant is enough to bring a tear or two to your eye. Everyone will want to take care of you and your baby. And who doesn’t love a little doting?


You Have Something Amazing To Look Forward To

Even if you had a rough pregnancy up until this point, there’s something about being on the precipice of a new year that just might inspire you. You have something so incredibly special to look forward to!


You Can Take Cute Pictures


There are oodles of inspiration on Pinterest for maternity photos you can take in December. Sure, some might be over the top, but others are downright gorgeous. For example, turn your bump into an Olaf. And if you’re due this month, you can take some red ribbon, tie a bow around your belly, and write a sign that says, “Do not open until December.”


You Can Make Mom-Related Resolutions

If this is your first baby, you might wonder what your baby will be like. So take the time to celebrate carrying a baby during December and make some parenting resolutions about how you’ll be as a momma in the New Year. And if this isn’t your first rodeo, you can always learn from your mistakes (which is what happens when you have other kids) and vow to be better in the future.


You Can Hibernate

Pregnancy can make you feel pretty tuckered out. And that’s the beauty of December — you can totally hibernate in your house if you want to. Just you, your bump, a bowl full of something yummy, and some Netflix on the couch. Ahhh.


You Can Rock Your Bump When You Want To

Sure, you can always sweatpants your way through your pregnancy, but you might find that at some points, you’d prefer to put on a dress. And because a bump is the ultimate fashion accessory, everyone is going to coo over your cuteness. Guaranteed.


You Don’t Have To Host

Cooking a full-fledged holiday meal for your family is tough enough. Then factor in being pregnant (and possibly pukey), and really, it’s a recipe for disaster. Your pregnancy is the perfect excuse to not have to host the holidays.

Being pregnant in December is allows you to wear what you want, eat what you want, do what you want, hang with the people you want — and everyone is okay with it. That, my friends, is the greatest gift of all.