7 Reasons Being Pregnant During The Holidays Is The Best

I, like many people, have a love-hate relationship with the holidays. I love the season for its cozy, happy, giving mood, but I hate the panic and frenzy that come with it. All of the running around and the shopping and the giving can be really overwhelming, but the time off from work and the quality time with friends and family make it all worth it. But if you happen to be pregnant around the holidays, well, you're in luck. Turns out, being pregnant during the holidays is probably the best way to ring in this joyous season.

I was pregnant twice during the holidays and it was truly magical. I constantly ate, was "allowed" to be publicly grumpy if I wanted to, and received the best gifts. Everyone was so sweet and accommodating and I felt so loved and cared for. I could wear whatever I wanted with very little expectations of me. It was all so glorious. Plus, and for whatever reason, the holidays I didn't make me feel insecure about how much I ate or how I looked, which, unfortunately, I usually feel self-conscious about.

During my first pregnancy, I realized that the holidays with children will be completely different than all of the previous holidays I have ever celebrated. I realized we'll have new family traditions and possibly new ways of celebrating. Our holidays will focus way more on our children than on anything else, and we'll teach our children how to enjoy giving more than receiving. The first time I was pregnant during the holidays, I imagined a whole new world I didn't know existed: a world where holidays with kids was exactly what made the holidays incredible. So with that in mind, here's exactly why being pregnant this time of the year is the damn dream:

Because Of All The Food

Starting with Thanksgiving, the holidays are a non-stop eating fest. In fact, while some people consider the holiday season as the season of giving, I consider it a season of eating. Eating is legit my favorite thing to do, but I always feel so guilty when I overindulge.

But if you're pregnant during the holidays, you can indulge guilt-free. Start with turkey, work your way through the holidays with cookies and chocolates, and finish with some Chinese food on Christmas (at least that's what I do).

Because Everyone Is Extra Cheerful & Nice

While everything probably makes you cry when you're pregnant (or, is that just me?), during the holiday season everyone is extra nice and happy. Everyone's holiday spirit certainly brightens any otherwise dark day you might be having.

Because You Can Wear Whatever You Want

I haven't discovered too many maternity dresses that are fabulous enough to wear to a holiday party. But when you're pregnant, leggings become acceptable attire for any and all occasions. Pair those leggings with a long tunic and you're as cute as a button. Plus, no matter what you wear, everyone will think you're cute as hell. In fact, they'll probably tell you so. You could show up in sweats and everyone would think you're just the most adorable pregnant woman ever.

Because It's The Perfect Excuse

Is there a holiday party you don't want to go to? A work event you are dreading? A family gathering you'd rather miss? Well, being pregnant is the best excuse one can have (almost as good as having a newborn). No one dares question a pregnant woman and her motives.

Because You Can Take Super Cute Holiday Pictures

Pregnant women already take the best pictures, but imagine pregnant women pictures during the cozy and beautiful holiday season. Belly pictures by the tree, outside in the snow, and in front of a fireplace will surely be aesthetically beautiful.

Because You Don't Have To Host

No one expects a woman who is busy creating a human being to host, and that is the greatest gift of all. While I typically enjoy hosting family and friends during the holiday season, when I was pregnant hosting was the last thing I wanted to do, and I had the perfect guilt-free excuse to not lift a finger during the holidays. It was so glorious.

You Can Nap Whenever

In addition to not hosting, no one expects you to help to clean up after dinner. So, you can go ahead and take that much needed nap after each and every meal. In fact, you can nap any time you wish, because you're working hard growing fetus arms and legs.

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