13 Reasons 'Harry Potter' Fans Are The Most Prepared For Parenthood

Harry Potter fandom is full of over-the-top enthusiasts. And now that many of us are now having kids of our own, an I would wager that, like me, you're bringing some of that same energy with you when you're reading Harry Potter to your kid. That same energy as adults who run around grassy fields with brooms between their legs, as readers of all ages who cosplay in robes and pointy hats, and as kids who look up from the pages to ask Mom or Dad how to pronounce "Wingardium Leviosa," which we all know, is crucial to know. We're a committed bunch.

Now I'm a grown-up lady with many grown-up things to do in addition to reading young adult fiction: I have to meet deadlines, change diapers, and discuss when exactly the next season of UnREAL is coming. And it might be because I'm a Ravenclaw with a tendency to geek out over things, but I'm finding that I feel slightly better about my wizarding obsession when I can justify what it brings to other parts of my life. Specifically, what it brings to my parenting. And spoiler alert: I can think of lots of reasons why Harry Potter can positively influence your parenting.

You're Well-Versed In Using Your Imagination

This one's especially helpful when I'm trying to picture my son easily settling down for a nap and sleeping soundly for at least 90 minutes. Like, my imagination has never worked harder than it does in that moment, guys.

You're Attuned To Gibberish Words

I can usually understand most of what my 21-month-old is attempting to say, and I suspect my years of practicing funky words like "alohamora" and "expectro patronum" might have a little something to do with that.

You're Open About Your Love Of Books And Reading

I'm not saying the fact that his mom being into Harry Potter has anything to do with my toddler's love of board books, but I'm also not saying it doesn't.

Need A Role Model For Something? Take Your Pick.

Loyalty and bravery? Harry. Wisdom? Dumbledore. Discipline? McGonagall. Patience? Molly Weasley. Excellence in damn near everything? Hermione.

You're In Touch With Your Feelings (Especially In Books 4, 5, 6 and 7)

Ugh, if my son saw me the first time I read Deathly Hallows, when I was a sniffling, sniveling mess, we probably both would have wished that I was a little less in touch with those feelings.

Think Of All The Time You'll Save Planning Your First Vacation

First stop, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter obviously. Done and done-bledore.

It's Easy For Your To Teach Your Kiddo To Use A Broom

Anytime there's a spill, all you have to do is suggest a quick game of Quidditch.

You Know That When Something Is Happening Inside Your Head, Why On Earth Should That Mean It's Not Real?

Whenever my toddler is upset over something that, to me, doesn't seem like that big of a deal, I try to channel my inner-Dumbledore to respect the fact that to my little, even the tiniest inconvenience can feel like everything.

Speaking of Dumbledore Quotes, You Have A Plethora To Pull From

The one about choosing between what's right and what's easy? Oh man. I'm ready for my son's angsty teen years.

Our Love And Enthusiasm (Despite Haters) Displays A Healthy "You Do You" Attitude For Our Kids

All right, all right: Obviously not everyone loves this series in the same way, and there *might* be a couple of people out there who don't get the appeal. That's fine. There are some fandoms that don't make a ton of sense to me either. But I'm not sweating the opinions of others is a theme in the books, and so I'm glad to display it for my son, too.

...And, So Does Everyone's Acceptance Of Luna

They call her "Loony," at first, you guys. But that doesn't stop her from being awesome.

You Have A Healthy Perspective On The Big Picture

Rough day? Kids acting up, throwing a tantrum or two? Or maybe you spilled your coffee and got stuck in traffic? At least a dark wizard isn't trying to take over the world and murder innocent people. At least you have that.

We Know That, No Matter What, We Aren't Fred And George's Mom, So It Could Always Be Tougher

Bless you and your undying patience, Molly Weasley. Bless you.