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13 Reasons Now Is The Best Time To Introduce Your Child To Harry Potter

With news of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child being released this summer as both a book and play, now is the best time to introduce your child to Harry Potter. This is, of course, the assumption that you haven't told your kids about Hogwarts and the magic that lies there, but feel free to re-introduce them to the wizarding world now.

I mean, as Professor Snape would say, it's "always" a good time to introduce your children to Harry Potter, but the past few months of brewing excitement over the latest additions to J.K. Rowling's work make it even more obvious that it's time. You don't even have to be much of a Harry Potter fan to know that the series is a classic, and is beloved all over the world. Filled with adventure, lessons on friendship, love, courage, and a heavy dose of magic, the series is the ultimate children's book. But it's also perfect for adults — I can't even tell you how many times I've reread the series. You know reading to your kids is important, but there's honestly only so many times you can read Where the Wild Things Are or Madeline before your head explodes.

And do I even have to mention the movies? The incredible, heart-eyes-inducing movies?

Maybe you're ready to introduce your kids to Harry Potter, but are unsure of when you should do it. There are at least 13 reasons why now is the best time to take your kids on a trip through the world of Harry Potter, and you don't even need floo powder to make it happen.


The Originals Have All Been Released

Both the books and the movies have all been released, meaning there won't be any random spoiler alerts needed when you're reading to your kid. Can you imagine starting the series as a new book is released? You'll be able to pick up all seven of the books and all eight of the movies to start your child's adventure without fear that you're going to miss out on something new.


'Fantastic Beasts' Comes Out This Year

A new movie in the Harry Potter franchise is being released this November, but it doesn't follow our favorite Hogwarts trio. Instead, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a spinoff of the series, based on the school book required for Hogwarts students.


There's An Illustrated Version

If you think your kiddo might be a little young to start the series because of the length, pick up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: The Illustrated Edition ($24). With more than 100 beautiful illustrations, this book is the perfect way to introduce even the youngest fans to Harry, especially as new editions are released for the other six novels.


Because Magic And Adventure Are Trending

Think of the blockbusters that have taken over box offices the last few years. And what about Star Wars coming back in an epic degree? Capitalize on the trend and use this time as the ultimate reason to introduce your kiddos to Harry Potter.


The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Has New Locations

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been expanding recently, with three new locations popping up around the world. It's obvious that the Potter mania has not faded, despite the last book being released almost a decade ago.


You Know How It Ends

I mean, isn't that one of the most wonderful things about sharing a favorite of yours with your kid? You already know how the series ends. There's not going to be an surprise twists for you, which means you can soak in the joy of watching your child follow the story.


They Grow With Your Little One

Because they've all been released, you can see the progression of the stories and know that they'll grow with your child, and will never seem juvenile to your kid through the years.


They Highlight Some Great Characters Needed In This Time

With talk of feminism, of women's equality, and prejudices from all corners of society, the Harry Potter series is such a great collection to show your child so you can talk about these big, important issues. I mean, the "pure blood" mania is the perfect way to make what Donald Trump has suggested with Muslim-Americans relatable to your child.


You Can Finish Each Book With The Movie

Once you're done with the book (I mean, you have to read the books first, there's no question), have a movie night with your kiddo and watch the theatrical version.


'Harry Potter & The Cursed Child' Comes Out This Summer

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will be released as both a book and play this summer, so the Potter fans will be even more vocal. With all that mania and excitement, why wouldn't you start reading the series?


You Can Take Them To A Book Launch

Remember going to Harry Potter midnight book launches? So much fun. And hopefully you can take your own child to one this summer and relive everything good and wonderful about people excited about a book.


You Can Relive Your Childhood With Your Kiddo

When the last book was released, I had just graduated high school the year before, but the series is a major staple of my childhood. So as the new book releases this summer, and the fanbase grows, I'm even more excited to share the series with my daughter and relive my wonderful childhood.


There's Always Going To Be A Fanbase

My daughter is a huge Mulan fan, but because the film came out in 1998, it's hard to find a lot of Mulan toys for her. But that will never happen with Harry Potter, which is why it's the perfect time to introduce your kids to the series. You'll always be able to find a Gryffindor robe, a stuffed Hedgwig, or a Ginny Weasley wand. Always.