13 Target Toddler Halloween Costumes They Won't Hate Wearing


Halloween is right around the corner and you know what that means? Yes, it means we get to sneak some of our kids' Halloween candy when they're not looking — but it also means we get to search through countless absolutely adorable costumes we wish we had when we were kids. This year (like every year), Target's Halloween costumes for toddlers are among the most adorable. Not only are they cute, but they are seriously downright trendy. Way cooler than those cheap plastic masks from Halloween in the '90s.

With super low prices on such cute costumes and accessories, Target is the way to go for all your Halloween needs. From unicorns to superheroes and everything in between, these incredibly sweet costumes are kid approved, guaranteed. Even better, these costumes are so much fun that your kids will want to wear them even when it's not October, making them the perfect addition to any dress-up corner. With some items as affordable as $5 (plus free shipping on most items if you spend at least $30), it's easy to save if you need multiple disguises. Your little one could wear one costume for trick-or-treating, another one to school and a different one to their classmate's costume party. It's best to have options... and that's just what you'll find.


Hyde and Eek! Angel Halloween Costume


How adorable is this little angel? The gold sparkly little dress could totally serve as a fancy holiday dress too, so it's definitely a deal.


Hyde and Eek! Boutique Dark Dragon Costume


Of course this dragon costume is totally fierce, but it looks comfy as heck, too. Why can't dragons be nice and cozy?

3Rainbow Unicorn

Hyde and Eek! Boutique Rainbow Unicorn Halloween Costume


I mean, who doesn't want to be a rainbow unicorn for Halloween? When it comes to costumes, I don't think it gets much better than that. Unless of course...

4Unicorn Rider

Unicorn Rider Costume


What's better than a unicorn? Obviously a unicorn rider. I think this would be my costume of choice.


Muscle Spider-Man Costume


One of the hottest Halloween costumes for decades, you can't go wrong with a Spider-Man suit (especially when it's this affordable).


Plush Shark Halloween Costume


This costume is perfect for chilly Halloween nights out trick-or-treating. It's a costume, sure, but it can double as warm outerwear: Just add some layers and voila!


Fireman Halloween Costume


Do you have a future firefighter on your hands? If you do, something tells me this costume will be worn long after Halloween, so you'll definitely get your money's worth.


Cat & Jack Sleeveless Skeleton Bodysuit


This cute skeleton outfit is versatile enough to wear as a costume or on the playground, and it's so easy to wear that you won't have to worry about it falling off during the Halloween parade.

9Little Monster

Cat & Jack Monster Jogger Set


This little monster outfit could make for a super cute trick-or-treat outfit... or a super cute pair of pajamas. Or both!

10Bat Girl

Cat & Jack Sequin Bat Dress


Equally appropriate for door-to-door candy hunting or a fancy Halloween party, this dress should really come in adult sizes.

11Cat Dress

Cat & Jack Cat A-Line Dress


Meow! Pair this kitty dress with some adorable cat ears and you're good to go.

12Tiny Kitty Cat

Cat & Jack Cat Face Tulle Tutu Dress


Another adorable multi-purpose feline-themed option. How cute would these be with some little tights and cute accessories?

13Don't Forget The Cute Accessories

Glitter Cat Ears Headband


And here are the cat ears! Not only are they crazy cute, they're the price of a latté... and your kid will for sure wear these again. And again, and again.