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These February-Inspired Names For Your Fab Feline Are So Purr-fectly Unique

February is a time-honored month in which to show love, and a purr-fectly sweet way to do that is to bring a new cat home (preferably from a shelter or animal rescue organization). If you do plan to add to your fur family, you'll want to give your cat a February-themed name that honors the month it was destined to grace your home with its presence.

In addition to being the month of Valentines, groundhogs, and presidents, February is full of pet-related holidays, according to Petful. It's National Cat Health Month, as well as Pet Dental Health Month (when was the last time you took your kitties to have their teeth checked?). It's also Spay/Neuter Awareness Month and National Prevent a Litter Month, which is a logical partnership if ever there was one. But the day you'll probably be most interested in honoring is National Love Your Pet Day, which falls on February 20, according to the National Day Calendar.

Sure, you could go traditional when it comes to naming your new cat. The Meowbox website reported that the most popular cat names for 2018 included Milo, Max, Lily, Charlie, and Bella. But if you're looking for something a little less predictable, consider getting your inspiration from the themes and people with which February 2019 is associated. It'll set your kitty apart from the rest, not to mention make a sweet story to tell your friends when they coo, "How did you ever decide on that name?"



February 2019 officially ushered in the Year of the Earth Pig, according to Chinese astrology. People born in a Pig year are said to be mellow and pleasure-loving, so if your cat fits that description (and if it's, um, a bit rotund), go with it. Piglet or Hammy would also work.



Obvious? Sure. Perfect? Definitely. Everyone will know instantly that you have a new sweetheart in the house. Val makes a good nickname, too.



The 2019 Grammys in February saw some surprise winners, among them Donald Glover's rap alter ego Childish Gambino taking Record of the Year for This Is America. Even if your kitty isn't childish, it's still a cool name.



Throngs gather in Pennsylvania every February 2 to hear the weather forecast from the country's most famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil. This year, he brought the happy news that spring 2019 will come early. Can your cat do the same? Maybe not. (Cats don't much care about their shadows.) But naming your cat after the February rodent would still be fun.



Is your new kitty the flamboyant type? Was she born this way? Then name her after another big 2019 Grammy winner, the always-sensational Lady Gaga.



One of our most iconic presidents, Abraham Lincoln, was born on February 12; after his death, his birthday was celebrated as a holiday. Even though he and George Washington are lumped together now for the more generic Presidents Day, naming your kitty for the Great Emancipator is still a fun idea. As the Presidential Pet Museum explained, Lincoln owned two cats, Tabby and Dixie, and frequently found comfort in cuddling and talking to them. Reportedly, Lincoln once said after a frustrating day, "Dixie is smarter than my whole cabinet! And furthermore, she doesn't talk back!"



As reported by the American Gem Society, amethyst is the traditional February gemstone. The ancient Romans used it to keep a clear head if they'd been worshiping the wine god Bacchus a little too much, and in later eras, the stone was thought to bring out intelligence, strength, and healing in its wearers. Your cat may not be a good hangover cure or study aid, but it's still a lucky charm.



Many of us are still trying to warm up from the Arctic deep freeze known as the "polar vortex" that gripped the country this winter. As Vox explained, the temps in some places got so cold that people risked frostbite after just five minutes outside. Fortunately, cats are great at warming you up, even if you give them a chilly name.



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The most popular cat name of last year may not fit the "uncommon" category, but it's too appropriate not to include in this list. Why? If you recall, we just witnessed the spectacular super wolf blood moon eclipse a few weeks ago, ushering in a dynamic time of change, astrologically speaking (according to AstroStyle).



California residents may not be so crazy about this cat name idea, but if you're a New England fan, you could name your rough-and-tumble puss after the Super Bowl LIII champions, who took the trophy home for the sixth time.



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The Old Farmer's Almanac listed this pretty bloom as one of February's birth flowers (the other being the violet). Primmy or Rosie would be a good nickname for when you're calling your cat to dinner (not that it'll listen).


King Arthur

This month just saw the crowning of the new champion at the Westminster Dog Show, a Wire Fox Terrier named King Arthur Van Foliny Home. Your cat is a winner in its own right, and if it acts more like a playful pup than a disdainful cat, you could honor it with this princely name.



For a cat born in the Year of the Pig, you could also honor every preschooler's favorite porker, Peppa Pig. The UK-based cartoon is still a phenomenon, so much so that American parents are worried about their kids speaking in British accents.



In addition to the better-known holidays, February is packed with all kinds of special days. Tops among them: World Nutella Day, which falls on February 5, according to National Day. A perfect name for a February cat, especially one matching the spread's chocolate-brown color. Other foods honored during this month would also suit a cute cat: Tater Tot, Bagel, Gumdrop, Peppermint Patty, Kahlua, and Margarita.