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14 Mother's Day Gifts For Pregnant Moms That She'll Actually Love


Every mother deserves a wonderful Mother's Day, and that includes expectant mothers. And while Mother's Day gifts for pregnant moms might seem like a difficult fit, it's actually really easy and pretty fun to shop for moms-to-be. From practical items to gifts led by cravings, you're sure to make your pregnant partner's day with anything on this list. Because seriously, the worst gift is no gift. And don't forget Mother's Day falls on Sunday, May 10 this year, so get to ordering your gifts now before time runs out.

Just remember, next year is your chance to do all the baby handprints and framed photos you want. But this year, focus on making the mom-to-be as comfortable and happy as possible. These are trying times we live in, and if a new coffee maker or a fancy pair of pajamas can give her some kind of peace, then it's kind of a must-have. Pregnancy is wrought with so many fears and worries and anxieties — make her Mother's Day one where the gift dulls those panicky moments a bit.

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1. Nespresso Vertuo With Frother

Words cannot express how much I love my Nespresso. It was a Valentine's gift from my husband, and I use it every single day. The pods are recyclable unlike many other single-serve coffee units, and Nespresso actually provides a pre-paid bag to send them back inside. My favorite part of the month is my Nespresso pod delivery day. And yes, they have amazing decaf pods. Also, this will become life postpartum.

2. A Really Good Brush

I resisted buying a "good brush" for decades. I was so wrong. This brush is life-changing. I use it with wet hair when deep conditioning my thick curls, and it glides through like butter. My daughter, who has thick, straight hair, loves it for shining up her short hair, which isn't as easy as it sounds. Being pregnant gives you lush hair, so why not pamper it?

3. Lucid Memory Foam Pillow

It feels impossible to get comfortable when you're pregnant, but this pillow helps. It's made of cooling memory foam, and lets you prop up your body and your belly all night long. It's just what a mom needs.

4. Apple Watch Series 5

I'll admit that this one is entirely selfish. I want this exact model of Apple watch, and I might slyly send my husband this article. (Just kidding, there will be nothing sly about it.) Look at how pretty it is. It's perfect. Plus, there are pregnancy apps a plenty for the watch, which is just plain practical.

5. Soda Stream

It's possible that in the past month I've gone through three cases of La Croix. That is many, many dollars worth of sparkling water. It's possible that this isn't just a good gift, but also a good fiscal decision. Fizzy water helps keeps nausea at bay for many moms, so you can't go wrong with this one.

6. Super Luxe Pajamas

I have never had a really fancy pair of pajamas. Normally, I just wear leggings or pajama bottoms and one of my husband's tee shirts. This would definitely be a huge upgrade.

7. Really Nice Body Oil

This just looks like it smells pretty. They say it helps you sleep, but really, I just want to be soft and smell pretty. Scented with lavender and chamomile, it is refreshing and soothing.

8. Chocolate

I want chocolate this year. A lot of it. I need it like I need my next breath. Make it Godiva.

9. A Book Lovers Kit

This is an adorable set with library return cards, candles, and bookmarks. There are also personalized pencils and book plates. As a book lover, and as a mom, I would love to get this.

10. Terrarium

I am a plant lady, hard core. This terrarium is already started, so there will be minimum upkeep, which is fantastic for pregnant moms. Give this terrarium a sunny spot and minimal water, and it is perfect.

11. Pretty Nails

I love nail wraps because they last forever and are the simplest to apply. If my hubby felt inclined to give me some of these nail wraps to go with the watch so that my Insta pics were as nice as they could be, I would not be unhappy.

12. Snacks

Tell me that this doesn't look delicious. I would start with the Rice Krispies treats, and then on to the Gardetto's. I'd save the Doritos for later. A mid-morning snack, possibly.

13. Cooling Eye Mask

Mother's Day falls smack-dab in the middle of allergy season. My eyes are swollen, itchy, and generally mad. This gel cooling eye mask will serve the dual purpose of making my children invisible and calming my under eye bags.

14. Massaging Shower Head

It should also be installed. Shower heads like this are glorious. I have had one for about 10 years, and I can't live without it — especially when pregnant. I guarantee that if you get one, you'll be amazed how much you love it.

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