14 Mother's Day Gifts For Pregnant Moms That She'll Actually Love

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and I am so excited since this will be my very first Mother's Day. Even though our son won't be born until the end of May, my husband says he still wants to celebrate since I'm still a mom, even if he's on the inside for now. (I'm excited to see what he's come up with.) If you're in the same boat as my husband, you'll need some Mother's Day gifts for pregnant moms, too. From practical to sentimental, you're sure to make your pregnant partner's day with anything on this list. (Seriously, the worst gift is no gift. Don't forget it's on Sunday, May 13 this year.)

Whether it's something for the baby, to help with her pregnancy symptoms, to commemorate the journey, or to help her feel luxurious (because let's face it, she's more than earned it), the pregnant mom-to-be in your life is sure to love one of these special Mother's Day gifts. And sometimes it's just the thought that counts, like bringing her a meal in bed or planning a special day doing things that you won't get to do once the baby is here. It doesn't have to cost a ton of money to make her day special. (But it is totally cool if you do want to spend some money on her. She is gestating a baby after all.)

1. Bellybuds

Bellybuds, $40, Wavhello

I think this is one of the coolest things ever — earbuds for your baby while they're in utero. These Bellybuds ($40, Wavhello) can play music (and even recordings of your voice via an app) to your baby and you can listen, too! They say that at 18 weeks your baby starts to hear sounds, and by 26 weeks, they can respond to your voice and other noises they hear in the womb. Pretty cool, huh? Excuse me while I put this on my wishlist so I can play some Rolling Stones for my son to keep him company while he's gestating.

2. Conair Foot Spa

Conair Foot/Pedicure Spa, $28, Amazon

While pregnant, our feet are always hurting. There's the swelling and the loosening of ligaments that can sometimes even make our feet bigger and fit uncomfortably in our shoes (or even making us go up a shoe size). Pamper your mama to be with the Conair Foot/Pedicure Spa ($28, Amazon). This foot spa not only soaks and warms your tired soles, but it offers vibration and massage — accessible with just the touch of your toe. Yes, please.

3. Brunch Outing For Her & Her Girlfriends


After having a baby, an outing with her friends may not be in the cards for a little while — and if it is, it may require a lot more planning. Celebrate your partner (and score major points with her friends) by taking all of them out to lunch at their favorite restaurant. If they want it to be a girls only day, just set it up for them. Some places even offer gift certificates you can purchase beforehand.

4. Parade Of Favorite Foods


Maybe it's because I'm always hungry these days, but this sounds like a dream come true. Does your partner have cravings of different foods from different places? Either take her out to, or bring home, her favorite meals from her favorite places. Breakfast from the brunch spot down the street? She's got it. Lunch at the pizzeria? Do that, too. Dinner at her favorite romantic spot? You're on it. Food is the way to my own pregnant lady heart, and I have a hunch it may be for your partner, too.

5. Prenatal Skin Care Basket

Ora's Amazing Herbal Beautiful Pregnancy Box, $54, Amazon

Not only can pregnancy bring stretch marks on your belly (and other places), but it can wreak havoc on your face and other parts of your body, too. Treat your partner to an upscale skin care regime tailored specifically to her pregnancy. This Naturally Beautiful Pregnancy Box ($54, Amazon) features luxury prenatal skin care and is all natural and organic. It even comes with herbal tea and an herbal tea infuser to make it a complete spa day at home for her.

6. Maternity/Newborn Photography Session

This Is You

My husband and I did a maternity session, and not only was it a lot of fun, but I'm so happy I have these memories of my pregnancy with my son and I can share these with him when he's older. This is especially sweet and special if you're becoming a mom for the first time this Mother's Day — at least it is for me.

7. Meal In Bed


If there's one thing I feel like I can't get enough of in the third trimester, it's sleep. Pregnancy insomnia is no joke, y'all. And while I'd probably be freaked out if my husband came in with the tray and said "Give God Your Glory, Glory," like above, I think any meal where I can just lounge in bed and not have to cook or get up would be a fantastic Mother's Day Gift.

8. Luxurious Sheets


Speaking of staying in bed, splurge on some special luxurious sheets for your mama-to-be this year. Maybe it will help with that pregnancy insomnia (HA). But seriously, it would sure feel nice to be pampered while laying in bed at 3 a.m. worrying about childbirth. Plus, after spending what feels like forever at the hospital (if you're giving birth in one), it may be nice to come home to some luxurious sheets.

9. Freezer Meal Prep


This is a huge help and a great gift for your pregnant partner. Once you come home from the hospital, nobody is going to feel like cooking. And instead of ordering takeout for the foreseeable future, it might be nice to have some healthier, home-cooked options at your disposal once you bring home the baby. You can prep crockpot "dump" meals for minimal cooking, all while being nutritious and delicious. And dump meaning you just dump it all in the crockpot and go. Eating on a Dime has a list of 10 Crockpot Freezer Meals you can prep in under an hour, to get you started.

10. Belly Casting Kit

Pearhead Belly Casting Kit, $19, Target

This is a really neat way to commemorate your pregnancy. And you can get this 100 percent baby safe belly casting kit ($19, Target) at everyone's favorite store. The kit allows you to make a mold of your baby bump and keep it forever, and this particular kit from Target sets in 10 minutes. Feel free to paint it afterwards!

11. Birthstone Jewelry

Lisa Leonard Designs

Cross Bar Birthstone Necklace, $99, Lisa Leonard Designs

This is pretty self-explanatory, and I think it is a super sweet and sentimental way to celebrate your pregnant partner — whether it's her first baby or not. There are so many jewelry options out there where you can customize them with birthstones, and if you have multiple kids, you can have each of their birthstones included in the piece. This birthstone cross bar necklace ($99, Lisa Leonard Designs) may be a good place to start.

12. Spa Certificate


As long as it's maternity-friendly, a massage is probably just what the doctor ordered for your pregnant partner. She's carrying around a large sack of potatoes in her belly and is probably pretty achy. A prenatal massage, facial, and maybe even a mani-pedi will be super special and feel extra wonderful this Mother's Day.

13. Wolferman's Bakery Gift Basket

Mother's Day Gift Basket, $60, Wolferman's

From the company who created the world's biggest cinnamon roll, and will ship a 5-pound cinnamon roll to your house, Wolferman's also offers some awesome baked good gift baskets. Does your pregnant partner have a sweet tooth? You can get her a special Mother's Day Gift Basket ($60, Wolferman's), which includes cinnamon swirl and lemon vanilla blueberry loaf cake, English breakfast tea, and more. It will be a breakfast of champions.

14. Adult-Only Day


Take one day (it can even be Mother's Day) and do things that you probably won't get to do with your partner once the baby is here. This can work for couples having an additional child, too — just get a babysitter. Go to a movie for adults, go to the museum, eat at a fancy restaurant, or go to a concert. Hell, you can even just have sex if you're up for it. Whatever you decide, just make sure it's something meaningful for both of you that you could potentially be missing for a while once baby arrives.

Pregnant mamas, feel free to share this post with your significant other or a loved one in your life to give them some ideas on what to do to celebrate you this year. You've earned it and more than deserve it. Happy Mother's Day.

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