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14 Valentine's Day 2019 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas That'll Outshine All The Other Holiday Posts


When you're ready to tell the world that you're expecting a new addition to the family, it's fun to find a creative (translation: instantly Instagram-worthy) way to do it. Just telling your friends, "Guess what? I'm pregnant!" is so last century. One approach you can take, if you're ready to spill the news around mid-February, is to have a Valentine's Day-themed pregnancy announcement that will have your nearest and dearest oohing, aahing, congratulating you, and spreading your message far and wide.

Since there are precious few opportunities for couples to reveal publicly that they're having a baby (unless, of course, you're a member of the famously fertile Duggar clan), you might as well do it in style when you do get the chance. As for the timing, since Valentine's Day is all about love and everyone's in a good mood, it just stands to reason that parents-to-be would want to choose February 14 as the day to let everyone know that there will soon be someone new to adore.

A Valentine's announcement is probably on most couples' radars who are entering the second trimester of pregnancy around that time, meaning that the new arrival is due sometime in August or September. But, of course, the decision of when to announce a pregnancy is up to the parents themselves, so picking mid-February to shout the happy news about a May or October baby is perfectly okay if that's what works for you. If you're stuck for ideas, take inspiration from these clever reveals and products.

Say It With Heart

yasmin__salazar on Instagram

If you know your baby's gender, you could multitask with an announcement-reveal combo photo, as Yasmin Salazar and her husband did with a pair of baby shoes and balloons two years ago. (Fun update: They're now expecting twins!)

A Hand-y Announcement

kristincavallari on Instagram

If you prefer to go the subtle route, you could do what Kristin Cavallari did when she and husband Jay announced they were expecting their third child: share a pic of yourself forming a hand-heart over your growing baby bump.

Sweet Balloons

Sara Wise Photography

No message-heart candy in the stores? Say it with personalized balloons instead, as this couple did last year when they had their photo taken by Sara Wise Photography.

Sand Heart

nicklachey on Twitter

When Nick Lachey wanted to share his joyous news, he used the beach as his canvas and a heart as his theme.

Puppy Love

jill_seamer on Instagram

Got a four-legged sibling-to-be? Put them in the picture, as photographer Jill Seamer did. It doesn't even have to be on Valentine's Day.

Test Of Love

actualalove on Twitter

The nice thing about Valentine's Day is that you can use the heart theme any way you like. Pro wrestler Angelina Love shared her happy news with the world by adding a heart-y touch to a pic of her array of tests (who among us hasn't double- or triple-checked?).

Toasting The News

Inscape Creations

Giving your family individual wine bottles with a revealing label, like this one from Inscape Creations ($13, Amazon), will ensure both a flurry of congratulations and an impromptu toast. (Mom-to-be can have sparkling cider instead.)

Say It With A Shirt


Let your clothes do the talking for you. With a pregnancy-announcement T-shirt ($20, Strocketeer), you'll get all the likes.

Puzzle It Out

sberrybllc on Twitter

This cute personalized puzzle from S'Berry Boutique ($14, Amazon) would be great as a gift for family members. Or assemble it, photograph it, and put it on your news feed for all to see.

Egg-celent News

Rawr Designs by C

If you're looking for a unique way to share the big news with someone special (hello, Grandma!), you could order a special personalized announcement like this one from Rawr Designs by C on Etsy ($15 per egg, Etsy). The egg — yes, it's real — is emptied, painted, and filled with a message of your choice before shipping. Imagine the smiles and joyful tears when your recipient cracks the egg.

Addition Of Love

Insta Design Studio

Celebrate the new addition with a special digital display like this one. Insta Design Studio will take your ultrasound pic and the details of your choice and create a downloadable image (pricing starts at $14) that you can share on social media and print for framing.

Chalk Talk

Chalking It Up Boards

One of the trendiest announcement options is a personalized sign, like this one from the Etsy shop Chalking It Up Boards ($10, Etsy). Hold it up, snap a selfie, and share away.

New Addition

Fuzzy Feelings

When 1 plus 1 equals 3, an announcement like this one from Etsy shop Fuzzy Feelings ($4 for 3, Etsy) tells everyone to do the math for an equation that adds up to rejoicing-times-infinity.

Scratch-Off Surprise

Emma Lee Lou Designs

Unlike instant-win lottery tickets, which lose more often than they win, these Valentine's scratch-off announcements from Emma Lee Lou Designs ($15 for 10, Etsy) are all winners. Distribute them to family and friends and watch them reveal the underlying message (customizable, but "We're pregnant!" is the default).