Your Middle School Self Would Love These 'Baby-Sitters Club' Baby Names

I've read every single Baby-Sitter's Club, Baby-Sitter's Little Sister, Baby-Sitter's Club Mystery, and Baby-Sitter's Club Super Special book that was ever written by Ann M. Martin. These books are what got me so into reading, and what I'd like to think made me want to be a writer. The girls felt like they were my best friends, too, and how cool and grownup were they at 13 years old to run their own business? Talk about awesome role models. If you were as obsessed with the series as I was, these 15 baby names inspired by The Baby-Sitter's Club books will give you some name ideas and all the nostalgic feels.

Between 1986 and 2000, Ann M. Martin was busy writing The Baby-Sitter's Club (BSC) series, including all the spin-off books. The series was so popular, there was a TV show and a movie created as well; an updated version of the BSC TV series is currently in the works, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The original premise centered on a group of friends, all between 11 and 13 years old, who started a babysitting business and ran it out of Claudia Kishi's bedroom (because she had a phone). There were a lot of important themes throughout the series, like dealing with illness, death, responsibility, bullying, friendships, marriage, divorce, blended families, jealousy... you name it. They almost always had a happy ending and a great message, which was very important to 10-year-old me. I'm pretty sure I continued to read them (and re-read them) throughout elementary school and maybe even middle school, and it always felt like coming back to old friends. Choosing any of these names would be an honor to the memory of the series, which I know impacted millions of young people from the late '80s through the 2000s, and even today.



Kristy was the creator and president of the BSC and she was creative, driven and smart — to say the least. Especially for a 13 year old. Your kid will be ambitious and smart if you name them Kristy, I'm pretty positive. From the Latin, Kristy means "follower of Christ" and is an alternate of Christina, according to Think Baby Names.


Mary Anne

As revealed by the Baby-Sitter's Club Wiki Fandom, Mary Anne was based on Ann M. Martin herself, and Kristy was based on her real-life best friend. So it makes sense that Mary Anne and Kristy would be BFFs in the books. She was the club's secretary because she was hyper organized and "had neat handwriting." As Our Baby Namer explained, Mary Anne means "bitter, grace." Interesting combo of meanings, don't you think?



Claudia was probably one of my top three favorite characters in the series. I loved how creative and artistic she was, and her fashion sense, of course. She got to be the vice president of the club because she had her own phone line, according to the Wiki, "and an unlimited amount of snacks," which she hid all over her bedroom because her parents wouldn't approve. It's really odd that for such a vibrant personality, Claudia means "lame," according to SheKnows.



Stacey was cool, fashionable, and pretty sophisticated for her age, perhaps because she was from New York? Stacey was the most boy crazy girl in the series and there was even a book about that and her experience with her first kiss. She also had diabetes, which played a pretty crucial part of her character development in the books. And she was a great person for other kids with Type 1 diabetes to read about. As treasurer of the BSC, Stacey was also very organized and great with math. Stacey means "fruitful, productive," reported SheKnows.



Dawn was definitely your stereotypical "California girl." Tan, blonde hair, blue eyes and with a knack for environmentalism; she was even a pescatarian and super into healthy stuff — always declining Claudia's junk food during meetings. She took her first steps on the beach, according to the Wiki page. Dawn was the alternate officer of the club, taking over duties when someone couldn't make a meeting. Naming your kid Dawn would predict a future as an environmentally cautious, potential vegan who loves the planet and fights for change. Not a bad deal. Dawn means "the first appearance of light," as Think Baby Names explained.



Even when I was reading these when I was a tween, I thought 11 was too young to babysit. I guess that's why Mallory and Jessi were junior members and only babysat during the day. Mallory had seven brothers and sisters, so she had a ton of babysitting experience, which must have helped. Naming your kid Mallory could potentially mean they'll love horse stories and mysteries, and want to be a children's book author like Mallory. Apparently Mallory means "unfortunate," according to SheKnows, but nobody else has to know that.



Jessi was too cool for school as she was a dancer, great at telling jokes, and hailed from New Jersey. (Hey, I think that makes you cool, OK?) Her character helped introduce the realities of racism, with her family being the only black family in the town of Stoneybrook. She had never experienced that before, and she and Claudia both experience this in Keep Out, Claudia, a very useful life lesson and for young readers. Jessi means "watchful," and is Hebrew in origin, according to Our Baby Namer.



Logan was Mary Anne’s first boyfriend and they’re a couple throughout most (if not all) of the entire series. He was even a babysitter, too. I had a huge crush on him because of his described Kentucky accent. (Also, I mean look at that Ken doll on the cover of the book, right?) Nameberry said Logan is Scottish, and it means "small hollow.”



Abby replaced Dawn after she moved to California, and she had a twin sister named Anna. Not only did I think she was cool because of her name (obviously), but her style was very on point and she had awesome curly dark hair. Abby is also a Hebrew name, explained SheKnows, and it means “father’s joy, gives joy” (which makes sense, since Abby is Jewish in the books).



Shannon sure seemed like the worst at first, a spoiled rich girl to the max. She was an associate member of the club after finally befriending Kristy, whom she got into petty arguments with at first when Kristy moved into a bigger house on her street after her Dad remarried. Because she needed to focus on her studies (school was very important to her), Shannon was just an associate member of the club. Shannon is a Gaelic name, and it means "meaning old and ancient," according to Think Baby Names. Wonder how the character Shannon would have felt about that one?



“Mean Janine” was Claudia’s brainy sister. Maybe if you name your kid Janine they'll be super smart, too... but hopefully not bossy and arrogant like Janine was toward Claudia. Janine is Hebrew and it means “Gift from God," explained She Knows, but Claudia probably would have disagreed with that one.



Claudia’s grandmother Mimi is the only person who really understands her. She’s arguably one of Claudia’s best friends, until she passes away in Claudia’s Sad Goodbye. Mimi is also an adorable baby name, and it means “wished for child,” said She Knows.



Charlie was Kristy's older brother and proud owner of "The Rust Bucket," in which he drove the girls in to their babysitting jobs and to club meetings. He took gas money from the treasury. He loved baseball and taught Kristy the basics, which was the premise for her starting a team for her babysitting charges, Kristy's Krushers. Charlie means Charlie means "free man," according to Think Baby Names.



Karen is Kristy’s little sister, and she had her own spin-off series called Baby-Sitter’s Little Sister. Karen is a Greek name meaning "pure,” according to SheKnows. She's the stepsister to Kristy and Charlie (and Sam and David Michael) and Kristy is her favorite person according to the BSC Wiki. She describes herself and her biological brother Andrew as "two-two," because they "split their time between the 'little house' (which is their mom's house) and the 'big house' (which is their dad's house)." She skipped two grades in one year because she was so smart, and if you name your kid after Karen, you just might have a genius on your hands, too.



Peaches was Claudia's aunt, and even though she was a ton of fun and had a huge personality, she actually ended up getting Claudia in trouble. If you name your kid Peaches, it's pretty much a given that they'll be fun and quirky (I mean, they're named after a fruit, am I right?). Plus this character was fun and quirky too, so what a great tribute. Obviously, you already know the definition of this name.

Relive your glory years of being a bookworm by nostalgically naming your kid after Baby-Sitter's Club characters. Thankfully (minus Peaches) they're all pretty common names, so only you and your spouse will know they came from a true fan.