Courtesy of Olivia Youngs

15 Baby Names That Start With "E" & Endure The Test Of Time


Some parents know what they plan to name their children from the moment of conception, while others wait a little bit longer to settle on a name. But most parents fall somewhere in the middle. Although arriving at a baby name that both parents can agree on is no easy task, it's one of the most exciting parts of having a baby. No matter where you're at on the baby name continuum, sometimes deciding on a first letter can help. Baby names that start with "E" are as popular as ever and are some of the most classic and unique choices out there.

There is a certain softness to names that start with a vowel. Without a harsh consonant sound in the beginning, many of these "E" names have an elegant, airy, or mysterious vibe.

Pairing an "E" name with a contrasting consonant name for a middle name is a great way to offset the name even more, helping it to really stand out. Coming from someone who has always had an affinity for vowel names (I even named one of my children one of these "E" names), there's nothing like the power of a well-chose name to start your baby off on the right foot.

1. Evelyn

A classic name that is currently reaching the heights of its former glory, Evelyn means “wished for child” and is a gorgeous girl’s name with lots of nickname potential.

2. Easton

Despite its literal definition meaning “east-facing place” Easton has an instant cool factor that any baby boy would rock.

3. Emma

Holding one of the top spots on the charts for years, Emma means “universal” and is likely not going anywhere anytime soon.

4. Everly

Though it strangely means "wild boar in a woodland clearing," according to Nameberry, Everly is a gorgeous and whimsical name rising in popularity.

5. Everett

With a slightly more encouraging meaning and an adventurous vibe, Everett means "brave (as a wild boar)."

6. Egan

Irish for "little fire", Egan feels like the perfect boy's name — short and sweet and with a meaning that packs a punch.

7. Ethan

A classic name reminiscent of the '90s, Ethan means "strong or firm."

8. Esther

This name stems from ancient Persia, making appearances throughout history, and means "star."

9. Ebony

Gorgeous and slightly mysterious, Ebony means "deeply black wood."

10. Elijah

Another name that dates back to biblical times, Elijah is Hebrew for "Yahweh is God."

11. Elizabeth

A great choice with numerous literary (and real life) namesakes and several nickname options, Elizabeth means "pledged to God."

12. Ella

Maybe it's because of its affiliations with fairy tales over the years, but Ella has a whimsical and airy sound that separates it from similar names like Emma. It means "all, completely, and fairy maiden" (of course) and would make a gorgeous name for a little girl.

13. Evan

The Welsh Irish variation of John, Evan means "the Lord is gracious."

14. Eleanor

Although its meaning is largely unknown, according to Nameberry, Eleanor has French roots and is a classy as names come.

15. Emmett

Similar to Emma, Emmett means "universal" and is a unique choice.