H&M's Gender-Neutral Baby Clothes Are So Stylish You'll Want Them In Your Size

When my husband and I found out we were having a boy, I was (naively) so excited to tell people. Surprisingly, many of the responses I got were along the lines of "too bad you don't get to dress him in all the cute girl clothes; boy clothes are boring." First of all, dinosaurs and cars are not boring. Second of all, I wasn't going to dress my girl in pink tutus anyway. Third of all, baby clothing doesn't have to be gendered. So I was really excited to find the best gender-neutral baby clothes from H&M, because I don't think I have to dress my boy in blue all the time, nor do I feel like he has to wear truck and football outfits. Definitely not the football outfits, at least, because I absolutely hate football and everything to do with it.

Sure, I throw an occasional dinosaur or super hero shirt in his wardrobe (because let's face it, I wear that stuff, too, and I identify as a female). Plus that stuff is so awesome and adorable. And I don't know if I would dress my daughter in frilly stuff anyway. I'd totally put her in superheroes because I like that stuff myself, and am not a ruffles and ribbons person in the first place. But thankfully, there are plenty of fun, colorful options that don't fall into traditional pink/blue categories. Not all of H&M's gender-neutral clothing is all gray or beige. Yes, there are some outfits like that (but they're super stylish-looking because it's H&M), but there are also stars, stripes, clouds, animal prints and more to check out. These are also perfect for the friend who isn't finding out what she's having (but you still want to get her baby something super cute). Just don't forget to get them something off their registry, too.