15 Best Toys For The Kid Who ~Digs~ Diggers

Whether it’s with a shovel, a spoon, or just their bare hands, kids love to dig. Maybe it’s the expectation of finding treasures buried deep within the earth that motivates them to burrow way below the ground. Or maybe the ultimate goal is just to create an enormous huge hole —you know, the kind that’s smack dab in your front yard, waiting for unsuspecting people to fall into. But to build upon their excavation experience, you might want to outfit them with construction themed toys that they'll dig. (Get it?)

My son and our dog used to have a competition to see who could dig the bigger holes. (Sorry Son, but Sam the dog won. Every time.) And I’ve had more than one bed of daffodils upturned by an overly exuberant child bent on destroying my freshly planted flowers. Even now, every time we pass a construction zone, my kids, especially my youngest son, are fascinated by these big rig machines. I can only think that he's imagining that he’s pretending to be a construction worker, making his way all the way to the center of the earth. Or maybe he just wants to make a hole. Who knows? In any case, watch the dirt fly, because these 15 diggers can definitely get the job done.


Big Action Dig N’ Ride

Your kid will be the king or queen of the construction site with this ride-on toy. The arm moves back and forth so he can dig and dump to his heart’s content. And he'll get to ride along, which should make for some exciting new adventures.


M5 Front End Loader & Backhoe

That mound of dirt has no chance against the Skyteam Technology M5 Front End Loader & Backhoe Action Ride-On. As your kid dumps dirt in the front, she can move the backhoe for additional playtime. Once your child sits in the seat, that dirt is dust.


Big Digger Sandbox

If your kid detests dirt, he won’t mind dumping sand with this cute Little Tikes set. It comes with a shovel, rake, and other toys to keep him and his friends occupied for, oh, at least a while. Afterwards, he can always use the toy as a mini sandbox.


Dirt Diggers 2-in-1 Excavator

Your toddler can toil away with this dirt-digging excavator. The scoop comes off so it can be used as an extra shovel. And with its rugged design, it stands a chance of handling whatever your kid dishes out.


Digger Ride-On Toy

By using the dual-action levers, your kid can move and dump dirt with ease. It's also lightweight, which makes toting it to the park easy. And with its standard John Deere green color, it'll match the rest of your family's tools.


Power Movers Lights & Sounds Excavator

This rugged excavator from Tonka offers a truly sensory experience. It makes a back-up sound when pushed backwards. Lift the arm to see flashing lights, and hear a realistic hydraulic sound.


CATERPILLAR Small Excavator

For your budding engineer, this small excavator by Bruder is great for little hands to play with. Your child can have fun making holes, or zooming it in the dirt. And since it's on the smaller size, you might not mind if your kiddo tries to play on the table with it.


Cozy Dirt Digger Electric 12V Battery Ride On Toy with Digger

Construction chaos coming through! For the ultimate digging adventure, the Little Tikes Cozy Dirt Digger will allow your child to move dirt, rubble — even rocks. She can move forwards or backwards, and the power lock brakes prevent her from zipping down the driveway too fast.


Truck & Tracked Excavator

Your child can construct his very own construction site with this set from LEGO DUPLO. It comes complete with an excavator, a truck, and a construction worker to supervise the scene. At the end of the day, your child can take apart the set and rebuild it again and again.


Remote Control Tractor Excavator

As the site’s foreman, your kid can command where the excavator goes (and digs) with this remote-controlled toy. It has a rechargeable battery so you won't be burning through those AA's. Bonus: The digger can make an awesome 680 degree turn.


Electric Bulldozer Tractor Truck

Your child will have a totally cool time playing with this large toy. She can pop some action figures inside to pretend that they're manning the machine. And with its light-up capability, this excavator can do digging during the day — and night.


City Construction 4 in 1 Take-A-Part Trucks Vehicle

Now this is one transforming toy. The 4-in-1 toy turns a crane truck, drill crusher, roll clamp, and an excavator into one cool construction vehicle. That means that your child can make a mish mosh of machines from just four simple parts.


Scoop and Play Digger

Colorfully adorable, the VTech Scoop and Play Digger can teach your child how to dig (as well as her colors and numbers). Each of the gears move as the toy is pushed forward to get the included rock, bricks, or wooden logs out of his way. Or she can just listen in Music mode to motivate herself to push through that pile of rocks.


Mini Excavator

Make no mistake. This sweet, simple excavator can provide hours of entertainment for little ones. Made from sustainable materials, your child can have all of the fun — with none of the mess.


Light and Sound Construction Digger Vehicle

This authentic-looking excavator functions like a real one would. The digger’s arm can be lifted with just the push of a button. And with its classic orange color, your kid will always be able to spot his digger, even when it’s covered in dirt.