These 15 Adorable Milestone Block Sets Will Make Your Memories Even Sweeter

When my daughter turned one week old, we celebrated with a miniature cake. Yes, with candles and everything. I couldn't believe my teeny, tiny baby was already a week old! (I was also running on fumes and wanted an excuse to eat cake.) While we aren't celebrating the weeks with cake anymore, we're still certainly celebrating every week and month that passes... and I've got the camera roll to prove it. These are 15 of the cutest milestone blocks to celebrate your little one growing up, and they make the perfect props for those monthly (or weekly) photoshoots.

I didn't totally appreciate these milestone blocks before I was a mother myself. The other day, as I was missing my baby napping a few feet away in the other room, I was scrolling through photos of her. (Is that normal? Now that I type it out, it sounds obsessive.) I realized I had no idea how old she actually was in some of the early photos. Was she one week? One month? It's already becoming a blur! The beauty of milestone photos is that they document what she looked like at that age, and that exact moment in time, because it all inevitably becomes blurry. And... cue the tears.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar Milestone Blocks

Designed by Eric Carle, the author and illustrator of the classic children's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar (not to mention countless others), these paper-over-board milestone blocks are beautiful (and nostalgia-inducing) ways to commemorate your child's milestones. They can be arranged to show any number of days, weeks, months, and years.


Custom Milestone Blocks

These custom milestone blocks from Etsy vendor Birchmark Designs can be stained from a selection of 11 colors, and for an extra $10 you can get a block with your child's name. They are larger than most other milestone block sets, with rounded edges and glare-free writing.


Floral Milestone Blocks

These handmade floral milestone blocks are gorgeous additions to milestone photos. There are a few different set options, depending on how many number blocks you want and if you want to throw in a custom name block for an additional $20. These blocks come in natural, cherry, and walnut stains.


Bullseye's Playground Milestone Wooden Blocks

These colorful wooden blocks available from Target can be used to document days, weeks, months, and years, and at $9 it's one of the more budget-friendly sets. The actual blocks are a bit smaller than some other sets, with the number blocks measuring two inches by two inches.


Baby Days Blocks

These vintage-inspired wooden blocks from Tree by Kerri Lee are adorable for photo ops and as decor for your babe's nursery. These can be used to mark months and days, and they're constructed from responsibly harvested wood.


Cubic Number & Letter Blocks

I love these smaller cubic milestone blocks because they allow for a bit more creativity. Spell out days, weeks, months, years, and grade in a neat and tidy straight line, or scatter them for a fun, messier look in your photos.


Milestone Blocks With Graphics

These are some of the most fun milestone blocks I've seen. Etsy vendor OKGOPLAY allows you to choose your wood (from maple, walnut, cherry, or a combo), your paint color, and four graphics (cloud, heart, X, star, Mickey Mouse, bunny, and mountain). The bottom block shows weeks, months, and years, and you can select if you'd like the fourth side to say "days" or "grade."


Colorful Milestone Blocks

These colorful blocks from Happy Decors can be used to celebrate days (pink), weeks (green), months (yellow), and years (blue). The blocks are painted with eco-friendly, water-based paint, so there's no issue when your child (inevitably) pops one in their mouth.


Baby Blocks From Milestone

How precious are these blocks from Milestone? You can arrange the numbers and letter block to mark days, weeks, months, and years, and the last block (which can say "favorite outfit," "playtime," "naptime," "tummy time," "cute smiles," and "baby on the move") is perfect for captioning the photo or marking a new development.


Maple Wood Blocks

These wooden blocks from Etsy vendor TreeFortToys are beautifully simple, with each number and letter burned into the wood. Spell out "days," "weeks," "months," "years," and "grade" to celebrate every milestone for years to come.


Wooden Milestone Blocks With Symbols

Add some extra flair to your standard milestone blocks! You can customize this set with leaves, hearts, stars, rainbows, flowers, and more. These blocks are crafted from beech wood, and you have the option to paint each block a different color.


Baby Milestone Wooden Blocks With Storage Crate

Created from wood and vinyl, these gorgeous blocks come with a storage crate for beautifully displaying them in your child's nursery. Customize your set by choosing wood and vinyl color.


PB Kids Wooden Milestone Blocks

Unlike the other sets, these milestone blocks aren't used for documenting your baby's age. Instead, use these to document milestones like "first smile," "first tooth," "first steps," and "first word." You have the option to customize the set with your baby's full name and birthday.


Cloud Island Milestone Wood Blocks

These pink and green blocks from Cloud Island are sweet additions to your photos, with whimsical white font to commemorate days, weeks, months, and years.


Stoneboat Baby Milestone Blocks

These matte finish, black and white milestone blocks are sleek props for your home photoshoots. All of the blocks are created from ethically sourced wood and texted to meet toxicity standards.