a toddler girl playing with a vtech care for me learning carrier

These 15 Awesome Toddler Toys Are Safe For Baby Siblings, Too

You finally get to the stage where your child is old enough to play with real toys. But then along comes a little sibling, and bam, it seems like it’s back to teethers and rattles all over again. But your toddler still needs stimulating toys that are age-appropriate for her, too. That’s when you need to look for great toddler toys that are also baby-safe.

Even though it might not be so long ago, it’s easy to forget that babies put every single thing in their mouths — including your toddler’s toys. And since at this stage there might be parts that can prove to be a choking hazard, you’re going to have to be mindful of the toys that you bring into your home. Still, you want toys that won’t suck for your toddler that your baby can still, in theory, suck on. (Ha).

Of course, it goes without saying that you should never leave your baby or your toddler with a toy unsupervised. Choking is a very real possibility, especially for children ages 3 and under, reported Kids Health. So when you’re considering buying toys for your toddler (and she has a younger brother or sister), make sure that it’s made from nontoxic materials. If it’s a stuffed animal, it should be washable to clean away any cooties. And be sure that the volume on the toy isn’t too loud to prevent possible hearing loss.

So if you’re getting ready to hit the toy aisle, these 15 great toddler toys are also baby safe. Now if you only can get them to share...


Peppa Pig Whistle ‘n Oink Plush

The sweet little plush can be perfect for the Peppa Pig fans in your home. She lights up every time your child gives her a good squeeze. Peppa also says fun phrases, whistles, and of course, oinks — which should make your baby squeal with delight.


Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Puppy

This snuggly puppy does more than give good hugs. Press her paw to hear songs, phrases, and various sounds play. Her heart lights up when your child plays with her. Aww.


Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Game and Learn Controller

By toggling between the learn and play settings, your child can discover the alphabet, his ABCs, shapes, colors, and more using this controller. Moving the joystick gives your child a realistic game experience.


VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

The sports center offers both basketball and soccer game play for your little sports fan. She can shoot a slam dunk or score a goal with the already-included basketball and soccer ball. The electronic scoreboard will keep count of how many times your child wins, which also plays fun sounds and phrases.


Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn On-the-Glow Coffee Cup

You can skip the sippy cup when you give your kid this fun coffee cup. The toy comes complete with music, learning phrases, and it even lights up ... kind of like how you feel when you have your morning coffee, too. Your child will crave this faux cup of joe, but don’t worry — there’s no caffeine in this toy.


VTech Care for Me Learning Center

If you’re thinking about adding a puppy to your pack, this cute little toy can help prep your kids for a new four-legged family member. The electronic dog carrier offers interactive play that’s suitable for a toddler, while the light-up buttons will keep your baby entertained. They can even take turns caring for the plush puppy by pretending to comb its fur and put water in its bowl.


VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

This colorful dump truck will make messes that you might not mind cleaning up. Your toddler can take a rock and dump it into the truck, and then push or pull the truck along to see the rocks shake, rattle, and roll inside. Babies can boost their fine motor skills by learning how to lift the bucket up and down to reload the rocks. And with the press of a button, the truck plays melodies and also teaches colors, too.


VTech Turn and Learn Driver

When your toddler is feeling the need for speed, he doesn’t need to look any further than this toy. While he’s cruising along, he can hear over 60 songs and phrases, and learn his left from his right as well. Now if it could only help him make those tricky K turns.


Classic Toy Bead Maze

With three colored wire tracks, your kids can have hours of fun moving beads up, down and all around. The toy will help your child improve her fine motor skills, and also learn about various shapes and colors.


Pull-Back Vehicles Baby And Toddler Toy

Gentlemen, start your engines! These cute pull-back cars are soft and meant for babies and toddlers. They come in a 4-pack of school bus, a family car, a police car, and a fire truck that are lightweight and designed for little hands. Your kids will have a blast racing them around while improving their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.


Little Virtuoso Baby Music Center

Encourage your kiddo’s love for music with this baby music center. The 8-note piano has a detachable music sheet holder, as well as a microphone and stand. And once your child has mastered his ABCs, he can start to read the sheet music and make a song (and not a racket) when he plays the piano.


Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube

This classic shape sorting toy allows your child to learn all about stars and squares — heck, even hexagons. The chunky shapes should be safe enough for a supervised baby, and you can test your older kid to see if he can find the red triangle.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Learn with Puppy Walker

Toddlers will love learning about colors, numbers, and shapes while listening to 75 sounds, songs, and phrases. This toy can also take your baby from sitting to standing in a matter of months while keeping him entertained the entire time.


Little People World of Animals See 'N Say

Your kiddos can learn that a pig says oink and a sheep says baa with this classic toy. Just pull the lever to watch the wheel spin and see which animal it lands on. The toy comes with two pages for even more animal fun. A “can you find” option tests your toddler to see if she can match the moo with the right animal.


Bright Starts Press & Glow Spinner

Little ones will love the lights on this fun spinner. Your child can learn cause and effect by simply touching the button to activate the colorful lights and watching them go round and round. Melodies accompany the lights for a fully interactive experience.