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These March-Inspired Cat Names Are All About Those 'It's Finally Spring!' Vibes

Because March is the month when spring officially starts, it's also the month when people switch out of that bleak winter mindset and allow themselves to think about things that actually make them happy: warm, sunny days, flower gardens, bunnies, kittens... things that are cute. In other words, it's the perfect time to bring a new furry family member home... and if you go the kitten route, you'll find there are lots of March-inspired names for cats that will celebrate nine lives' worth of those happy spring feelings.

The truth is, you can find inspiration for cat names just about anywhere. From trends in human monikers to names inspired by holidays to titles that have meaning for your family ("Sailor" if you spend all summer on a boat, for example), you've got even more options when naming a cat than a baby... considering you don't even get to consider the "Fluffy" and "Whiskers" category with a kid. And you've always got to keep your cat's personality in mind, which can be tricky when they're very little. But choosing a name connected to the month when you brought your new cat home is such a sweet way to always remember that monumental moment... and to honor your cat's very first spring for years to come.



They say March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, right? But "Lion" is a little obvious for a name, whereas Leo makes the same point with more personality.



With the spring equinox on March 20, this one would be a subtle sort of in-joke for your family (the average outsider definitely wouldn't guess that Knox is short for "Equinox," but at least you have a built-in conversation starter if you need one).



Okay, so the Flower character in Bambi was actually a skunk. It's still an absolutely perfect name for a kitty who came to stay when all the buds were beginning to bloom.



March is also International Women's Month, so why not pick a name that means something to feminists? Ancient Greek poet Sappho is the perfect inspiration for a lyrically lovely kitty.



Another name taking inspo from March's windy, lion-like reputation, this could refer to your cat's nonchalant personality... or it could recall the blustery March day she came home.


Mr. O'Malley

If March = spring, and spring = romance, then why not pick a name from the most romantic movie about cats in history... The Aristocats. If you're not familiar, you should watch it immediately; still, all you need to know is that Mr. O'Malley is the name of the dashing male lead who woos a beautiful white cat voiced by Eva Gabor.



Well, I can't in good conscience include the handsome guy cat from the The Aristocats without including his aforementioned beautiful lady cat love interest, Duchess. This name is twice as cool if you're a fan of both The Aristocats movie and the real life aristocrats of today (as in, Meghan Markle/Duchess of Sussex and Kate Middleton/Duchess of Cambridge).



The meaning of this traditional Japanese name couldn't be more appropriate: Haruko means "spring child," according to Today's Parent.



One of the two astrological signs designated for March birthdays, according to Astrostyle, Pisces (February 19 to March 20) is a fitting name for a feline on another level, too. Pisces is known as "the fish" of the zodiac, as explained by Broadly... and everybody knows cats love fish. (A slight stretch, fine, but a cool name.)



The other possible zodiac sign for March babies (those born after the 20th, to be exact), Aries is the ram of the zodiac, not the cat. But Aries would still make a really cool name for the kind of strong-willed cat who has so much swagger he might as well have a pair of ram's horns on his head.



A Hebrew boy name meaning “spring," according to Today's Parent, this one has a confident vibe similar to that of Aries.



The lion/lamb thing isn't the only March-specific saying of its kind, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac website; there's also this little gem: So many mists in March you see, So many frosts in May will be. Misty is somehow a perfect name for a cat, even if a frosty May sounds like a big bummer.



Getting back to the thing about March being windy, did you know that Keanu is actually a Hawaiian name meaning "cool breeze over the mountains," (according to Nameberry)? Of course you did, because Keanu Reeves.



Like the month of March itself, the name Marcus comes from the Roman god of war, Mars, and means "warlike" in Latin, explained the site We Have Kids. Not that you want your cat to be particularly combative, but you get the connection.



Short and sweet, you might be wondering what Jo has to do with March... but here's the thing, Jo is just your cat's first name. Her full name is Jo March, obviously, like the Little Women heroine. Different kind of March, yes, but still counts.