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15 Solid Reasons Why September Babies Are The Freakin' Best

If it were possible to guarantee exactly when you'd give birth, signing up for September would be awfully tempting. September babies have a lot going for them, and some of the benefits are actually backed up by science.

My son is a September baby, so I know firsthand that it comes with some sweet perks. There are so many things I've enjoyed about it. It's a gorgeous time of year for a backyard birthday party, for one thing, and we're about to plan his second one without much concern about bad weather (unlike his poor big sister, whose first winter birthday party was canceled due to a massive snow storm). I also loved that during my son's first year, he was starting to be more awake and active by the time the holidays rolled around, so it was really fun to introduce him to everyone at parties. The only real drawback to his September arrival? Having to suffer through the sweltering hot summer months when I was heavily pregnant. That was most definitely not fun, for me or anyone else around me. Still though, I think the trade offs have been more than worth it in the end.

Here are 15 unexpected benefits to being born in September.


You Have Some Fun Announcement Options


Having a September baby could mean you're ready to share your special news with the world around February or March. That means Valentine's baby announcements are a possibility, as are St. Patrick's Day-themed announcements. It'll certainly make either day a holiday to remember.


You Don't Have To Worry About Being Snowed In While Giving Birth

When I was expecting my first baby, I worried that her January due date would mean I'd find myself trying to trek to the hospital in the middle of a snowstorm. By pure chance, there actually was a huge blizzard on the day she was due — by which time she was already three weeks old, because she was born a little early.

With my September baby, however, I didn't worry at all about inclement weather. I didn't have to invest in pricy winter maternity clothing, either, so it was a win win.


You Don't Have To Stress About The Coming Home Outfit

The mild September weather has another nice benefit: you don't have to figure out how to heavily bundle up your baby when you bring them home. I was so scared to leave the hospital with my daughter in below freezing temperatures, and I remember piling on the layers and blankets. On the September day I brought my son home, though, he was good to go in a cute little hoodie and tiny hat.


You Don't Have To Wait Long For Important Firsts

If you love Halloween, you can start shopping for the perfect costume right away. Your September baby will be no more than a month or two old, which means they won't be able to object to whatever ridiculous (and ridiculously cute) outfit you squeeze them into.

The same goes for Christmas and Hannukah — you'll only have to wait a couple of months before celebrating, and there's truly nothing like having a new baby in the family when a holiday rolls around.


They Have A Gorgeous Birthstone

You can bling out your September baby in sapphires. The blue stone is the month's official birthstone, according to the American Gem Society. And I can attest that it looks just as good on moms, in case you're in the market for some awesome birthstone jewelry.


They Can Have School Birthday Parties


Remember how fun it felt to be the center of attention in school when your birthday arrived? Most September babies will be able to experience that on their actual birthdays. I know some July and August-born adults who would have loved that chance.


They're Probably Not The Youngest Kid In Class

Depending on how your school district works, your September baby might end up being one of the older kids in their class. Though they might only be a few months ahead of the younger students, the difference can sometimes be very noticeable. Younger kids in school are more likely to find sitting still difficult and have trouble focusing, according to a Harvard study.


They Might Get Better Grades


One study found that the advantage September babies get in school goes a long way. The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) found that September babies had a higher grade point average, and it all comes back to the age that they start school. In places where the cutoff date for admission is September 1, (which includes 19 states, according to AOL) September kids have an edge.


They Could Be More Likely To Head To College

September babies maintain that edge throughout their entire education, according to the study. NBER found that they are more likely to go to college. So if you haven't got your savings fund set up yet, you might want to get on it.


They'll Be Well-Behaved

The same NBER study also found a link between September babies and good behavior. It found that kiddos born in the ninth month of the year were less likely to be sent to juvenile detention — a.k.a. one of the last places in the world any parent would want their kid to end up.


They Might Have A Happier Personality

September babies could have a rosy outlook on life. Those born in the fall are statistically less likely to suffer from depression, according to Time. They're also less likely to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder.


They Could Be Taller Than Average


Researchers in England think the month you're born might affect your height. The Globe and Mail reported on one study that found that babies born in late summer and early fall were not only taller, but also had denser bones. Who would have guessed?


They Have An Awesome Zodiac Sign

Depending on the exact date they're born, your little one is either a Virgo or a Libra. Both signs have some admirable attributes any parent would want in a child. Virgos are known for being driven, intelligent, and analytical, according to Zodiac Fire. Libras, meanwhile, have a reputation for being kind, compassionate, and loving, according to Astrofame.


They Might Live Longer

Being born in September could mean your child will live an extra long life. New Scientist reported that University of Chicago researchers studied more than 1500 people who lived to be 100 or more years old, and found that the largest percentage of them were born between September and November. The researchers speculated that their findings could be due to things like seasonal infections or seasonal hormone levels.


They're In Good Company

September babies could share a birthday with any number of famous and fabulous people. Zendaya, Beyonce, Nick Jonas, and Will Smith are all born in the month, according to, and that's just to name a few. Any one of them would make a fun birthday twin.