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9 St. Patrick's Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas, Because You're Lucky & Don't Care Who Knows It


There are few things I like more than an overly cutesy pregnancy announcement, and a holiday-themed, overly cutesy pregnancy announcement is one of them. Holidays are the perfect, joyous opportunity to announce that you're expecting a baby – heck, even a Flag Day or Arbor Day announcement would be exciting in my book. If you're ready to share some exciting news in March, however, you've got to go green. These St. Patrick's Day pregnancy announcement ideas are not only adorable, but they're the ideal way to celebrate the day while being pregnant and extremely, profoundly sober.

It seems like there are three types of pregnancy announcements that you'll see on social media these days: The beautifully staged, professionally-shot ones that artfully accentuate one's pregnant belly; the subtle, scroll-too-fast-and-you'll-miss-it posts; and then there are the parents who suddenly seem to forego the whole pregnancy announcement opportunity and suddenly post photos with a baby in it with no advance warning. Full disclosure: I'm a fan of the first. Considering a good portion of the people looking at social media on March 17 are going to be full of green beer, you need a photo that basically screams, "We have the biggest news ever!" so that they don't miss it. The following options will do the trick.

1. Irish I Could Drink

kellydrodofsky on Twitter

There's nothing better than a good pun. And while obviously that sweet growing baby is better than any cocktail, your sobriety lends itself to a clever and funny pregnancy announcement. You can pick up a maternity shirt with the words "Irish I Could Drink" on Amazon ($21) or Etsy ($22), DIY your own shirt like the one above from Twitter user @kellydrodofsky, or simply use the phrase to caption a pic of yourself toasting with bottled water. You've got options.

2. Lucky & Pregnant


St. Patrick's Day is the luckiest day of the year, and a new baby is the luckiest gift you can receive. I love these corresponding t-shirts from Etsy ($15 each).

3. O'Baby

stephanieclary on Instagram

Put an Irish spin on the phrase "Oh baby" to announce your growing bundle of joy. Don your most festive St. Patrick's Day outfit, hold up an ultrasound picture or point to your growing bump, and caption the picture, "O'Baby!" (Add a four leaf clover emoji for good measure.) It's an easy peasy announcement, and completely darling. Or if you're really dedicated, get a cute O'Baby shirt made (like the one @stephanieclary on Instagram is rocking above) and pose with an ultrasound pic.

4. Completing The Clover


If this is baby #2 for your family, this announcement is a sweet option. Your family is about to be luckier than ever! Get everyone dressed in their best green outfits and pose with a sign like this one from Etsy ($5).

5. Extra Lucky

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Keep your announcement simple and sweet. Lay a baby-related item like an ultrasound, baby booties, a bodysuit, or a pacifier (bonus points if they're green) on a flat surface, and scatter some St. Patrick's Day confetti ($2, Michaels) around it. Snap a picture and caption it with the words, "We are feeling extra lucky this St. Patrick's Day."

6. Better Than Gold


The typical treasure discussed on St. Patrick's Day is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you're pregnant, you know there is a treasure that is way better. Grab the printable sign above from Etsy ($5) and take a few festive photos in your best St. Paddy's garb. Or, arrange the sign with a green bodysuit, ultrasound photo, or pair of baby shoes.

7. Lucky Sibling

k_cott9 on Instagram

Let your child join in on the fun and announce your pregnancy to the world. Dress them up in a festive green outfit, and have them hold up a poster or sheet of paper that says "Lucky me... I'm a big [sister or brother] to be!" Alternatively, you could add the text onto your photo like the one above, from Instagram user @k_cott9. Add your estimated due date, ultrasound photo, or whatever else you'd like to include.

8. Gold At The End Of A Rainbow

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Every pregnancy announcement is beautiful, but there is something extra special about announcing a rainbow baby. If you've got one on the way, incorporate it into your St. Patrick's Day announcement. Take a photo with your partner cradling your new bump or holding a baby item, and caption it with something like, "At the end of our rainbow, there's no pot of gold. There's something better: a baby to hold!"

9. Two Bellies


Pregnant or not, lots of people have bellies on St. Patrick's Day. Announce your pregnancy with your partner by donning these hilarious shirts from Etsy ($45 for both) showing off your beer belly and baby belly, respectively. If you'd rather not spend money, take a posed picture: your partner holding a beer in one hand and pointing out his belly with the other, and you holding a water in one hand and pointing to your belly with the other. Caption the shot with something like, "Beer belly for him, baby belly for me. We're pregnant!"