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These 15 Sweet Rainbow Baby Announcement Ideas Are So Magical & Meaningful

Announcing that a new baby will soon be joining the world is a thrilling moment. It's typically the first celebration of this growing little human in your belly, and it's a joyous feeling to share your life-changing news with the world. However, for families who have experienced loss, this announcement is truly sacred, not to mention emotional. If you're preparing to announce your own miracle, draw some inspiration from these 15 sweet rainbow baby announcement ideas.

While all pregnancies are unique, most rainbow mamas explain that unless you've experienced a loss, you cannot truly understand their gratitude. "And although most of us have the great fortune of being wanted babies, parents tend to have a special, and in many cases incredibly sharp, sense of being blessed when they are expecting and then giving birth to a baby that follows loss," explained Dr. Elizabeth Lorde-Rollins to Parents.

Having a rainbow baby doesn't mean your loss is forgotten, or your wounds miraculously healed. Having a rainbow baby is a testament to the deep love you feel for all of your children, whether they're in your arms or in your heart, offering renewed hope after your storm. The following examples should give you all the ideas you need to announce their arrival to the world.


Painted Rainbow

Jessica Giffin celebrated her rainbow pregnancy with a little help from adorable son, Miles. With a paintbrush in hand (and the sweetest little painter overalls!), Miles paints his newest sibling across the sky. If you want to involve your little one and have a few Photoshop skills in your back pocket, this is a perfect announcement idea to consider.


Here Comes The Sun

Rainbow mom Hannah got a little help from the Beatles to announce her family's upcoming arrival. To recreate this announcement idea, just grab some chalk and your latest ultrasound photos. Add these perfectly-fitting lyrics and your estimated due date, and voila!


Say It In Smoke

Rhian Ridgway and her hubby got a little help from Kamara Photography to announce their upcoming rainbow. They used rainbow smoke bombs (you can buy your own online) to create this stunning rainbow backdrop. A solid color dress, like Ridgway's gorgeous white gown, will make you (and your bump!) pop against the colorful smoke.


Calendar Countdown

I adore this sweet due date announcement from mama Jessica Dell, using a ring of rainbow-colored flowers and an ultrasound picture, with the exact due date circled. Luckily, you don't need to be a florist or talented photographer to recreate this one. Etsy vendor instadesignstudio will create it for you for $16 – just give her your due date and ultrasound!


Plush Rainbow

To announce her rainbow baby, Alyse Sykes used her positive test, due date calendar, and ultrasound photo. To stick with a more subdued color palette, she added this cream-colored knitted rainbow to the flat lay. I love the idea of using a soft rainbow item in your announcement, so that in a few short months you can recreate the photo... with a sweet newborn baby snuggling up to it!


Sweet Announcement

After losing one of her identical twin boys, baby Izaac Joseph, Grayce found joy again through baking – which is how her business, Icing for Izaac, was created. That's why it made perfect sense to Grayce to announce her rainbow baby pregnancy through Icing for Izaac, in the form of multi-colored cupcakes. Recreate this using a variety of rainbow colored icings, or take a page out of Grayce's book and incorporate your favorite passions or hobbies in your announcement.


Floral Rainbow

What better way to celebrate your blossoming baby than with flowers? Harlie Cloyd announced her sweet bundle using a letter board, ultrasound photo, and a variety of rainbow-colored flowers. Pro-tip: if you don't have a green thumb or access to fresh florals, pick up some fake ones at a craft store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Then, you can reuse the flowers as nursery decor!


Taste The Rainbow

Taylor Gilstrap used everyone's favorite rainbow candy (plus a rainbow onesie and ultrasound photo) to announce her miracle baby coming January 2020. You can find similar onesies on Etsy – and how amazing will it be to see your rainbow baby wearing it in the near future?


Birth Dates Announcement

This rainbow baby announcement from mom Lisa Henry gave me goosebumps. Using two carved trinkets, Henry celebrates both her marriage, as well as her beloved angel daughter Eden and new baby, with a rainbow and every family member's birthday written in chalk alongside the statues. I love that every member of the family is honored in this announcement, and the way she highlights the eternal bond that exists between the siblings.


Ring Around The Ultrasound

How beautiful is this floral arrangement? To share the news of her rainbow baby, Rebecca Crawford created a ring of flowers with her ultrasound photo in the middle. It's a simple, lovely way to celebrate her new baby and honor her angel baby.


Sibling Celebration

This candid shot from mom Gigi is a darling way to announce both a rainbow pregnancy and a rainbow baby's gender all in one. Big sister Amanda's rainbow dress honors her angel sibling, while the pink balloons celebrate her new sister on the way. Recreate this announcement with a rainbow dress (I love this one from Amazon) and, if you know the gender, a handful of balloons.


Baby, Bunny, & Balloons

Mom Bree Neil revealed her rainbow pregnancy to the world with a collection of rainbow balloons and a plush bunny. Pick up an assortment of colored balloons from your local grocery or party supply store, and snap a few shots on a sunny day. This is a great excuse to buy your baby their first stuffed animal, but I also love the idea of using a stuffed animal that belonged to your rainbow baby's sibling.


Rainbow Cupcakes & Clothing

Danielle's journey to this rainbow baby wasn't easy, and it was important for her to acknowledge that in her pregnancy announcement. She incorporated her business in the post, with colorful sprinkle cupcakes to celebrate the "mini cupcake" arriving in January 2020, as well as her rainbow baby's furry sibling. Click the arrow to see the rainbow dress she wore for the occasion – there are lots of options for similar dresses online, perfect for your announcement or shower.


Woven Rainbow

This shot from mom Felicity Joy's announcement is absolutely dreamy. They used a simple piece of woven rainbow decor to honor their first baby, and Felicity keeps a hand on her bump to celebrate her baby on the way. You can grab your own woven wall hanging from the company Woven Together, to use for both your announcement and nursery.


Rainbow Confetti

Now this is a celebration! Louise Agnew and her family announced their rainbow baby through festive rainbow confetti and an ultrasound photo. The best part? If you recreate this one, you'll be sure to get a precious, candid smile, like the one above, from any siblings.