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15 Valentine's Day Gifts Every Pregnant Woman Will Fall In Love With

As with basically everything else that happens during pregnancy, your last Valentine's Day before becoming a mom (or adding another little one to the family!) can be a particularly emotional affair. So emotional, in fact, that the usual flowers and candy combo might not cut it when it comes to gift-giving (and you can pretty much forget about the bottle of wine, though a glass might be OK!). So what are the best Valentine's Day gifts for pregnant women?

Shopping for a mom-to-be on Valentine's Day isn't the same as shopping for a baby shower, after all. It's fine if your gift reflects her pregnancy or includes her baby in some way, but it shouldn't be all about the little one this time (so no diaper towers, please). Expecting moms might not find the same exact things romantic as they did in years past, but they're still looking to be pampered and appreciated. In fact, they might be looking for that more than ever!

Basically, when you're trying to figure out what to get for a pregnant woman on Valentine's Day, you'll want to ask yourself the following questions: Will this make her feel good about herself? Will this make her a little more comfortable at the end of a hard day? Will this make her smile? Will she want to eat all of this immediately? If the answer to any of those questions is "yes," you're probably good to go.

Oh, and if you're the one who happens to be pregnant? Consider dropping hints to your SO about the following items.

1. Constellation Necklace

Sterling Forever

"When Stars Align" Constellation Necklace, $69, Sterling Forever

Skip the birthstone jewelry idea, because constellation necklaces are all the rage right now — and while she might not know her baby's exact birthdate just yet, the mom-to-be in your life probably knows what astrological sign her little one will be born under. Choose accordingly (and if you're looking to drop some serious coin, head over to Goop for a diamond encrusted version!).

2. Sheepskin Slippers


EMU Australia Sheepskin Slippers, $60, Amazon

Since being pregnant basically makes your feet feel like you've been running marathons all day, every day, a pair of unbelievably comfy slippers is an incredibly thoughtful gift. (Did we mention Oprah loves them? 'Nuff said.)

3. Belly Sheet Masks


Hatch Mama Stretch Mark Minimizing Sheet Masks, $42, Hatch

Since she's already obsessed with sheet masks (because we're all obsessed with sheet masks), she'll totally flip for these new, belly-specific stretch mark minimizing sheet masks from luxe maternity brand Hatch Mama. (Perfect for Instagram!)

4. Pregnancy Support Pillow


Snoogle Chic Full Body Pregnancy Support Pillow, $66, Nordstrom

Ugh, sleeping whilst pregnant can be anything but restful. A supportive pillow like this one can make moms a million times more comfortable, and it's also a million times easier than trying to achieve similar results through the strategic placing of multiple smaller pillows.

5. Mom-to-Be Journal

Mamentos B.C. (Before Child) Pregnancy Journal, $15, Etsy

Baby books are great, but what about mom's own story? This journal gives pregnant women a place to put their thoughts down before their lives are changed forever, including funny prompts, lists for highlights, and other tools.

6. Preggers Ice Cream


eCreamery Pregnancy Cravings Deluxe Edition, $55, eCreamery

OK, so a big box of pretty much any ice cream makes a great present for a pregnant lady. But these customized flavors from eCreamery are especially gift-worthy (the "Sweetest of Congratulations" flavor, for example, includes chocolate cake ice cream, fudge swirls, and brownie bites). Here's hoping she shares!

7. Ceramic Styling Brush


Dear Drew "You Are Effortless" Ceramic Styling Brush, $110, Amazon

Pregnancy is the ideal time to make one's beauty routine as "effortless" as possible, which is why we love this brush/straightener combo from Drew Barrymore's new line of hair tools (plus it's pink and has a little heart on it!).

8. Custom Family Portrait Illustration


Custom Family Portrait Illustration, $42, Etsy

Ideal for nursery decor (or anywhere decor, really), these customizable portraits are a cute and unique way to show a new mom her family is a work of art in your eyes.

9. Pregnancy Skin Care Gift Box

Noodle & Boo

Noodle & Boo Elegant Baby Gift Box, Prices vary, Noodle & Boo

Fill this classic-looking box with up to eight of your favorite mom and/or baby products from Noodle & Boo and she'll be stocked for months. Popular items include the anti-stretch mark Perfecting Crème and Elasticity Oil.

10. At-Home Massage Session


Soothe At-Home Prenatal Massage, $109, Soothe

No promises that Bono will be your massage therapist, but a gift card from Soothe entitles the person who receives it to an at-home massage of any kind (including prenatal, of course!).

11. Super Soft Maternity Undies

Cake Maternity

Cake Maternity Cotton Knicker Pack, $25, Cake Maternity

Uncomfortable maternity underpants are a legit form of torture. These soft and pretty hipsters from Cake Maternity will become an everyday necessity!

12. Satin Sleep Mask

Perpetual Shade

Silk Sleep Mask, $40, Perpetual Shade

Remind the pregnant woman in your life that it's important she get as much sleep as possible while she still can with this glam (but still cozy) sleep mask.

13. Nursing/Maternity Chemise


Nursing Chemise, $59, Belabumbum

As comfortable as an old t-shirt, but so much prettier, this chemise gets extra points for making it easy to breastfeed while wearing (when the time comes and, of course, if you choose to and/or are able to).

14. Orange Blossom Fragrance Diffuser


NEST Fragrances Orange Blossom Reed Diffuser, $44, Amazon

If there's one thing moms-to-be can't stand, it's anything that smells unpleasant. This diffuser is a chic (and consistent) alternative to scented candles, and it'll fill the air with a freshness she''ll be sure to appreciate.

15. Pregnancy Tee


"Pregnant AF" T-Shirt, $18, Etsy

Sometimes the best gift you can offer (especially to a pregnant woman) is a good laugh. This shirt will give her just that — not to mention, it's also a basic black tee that she might just end up living in most of the time.

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