16 Cheap Holiday Gifts That Will Still Win Over Your In-Laws

Choosing holiday presents for your in-laws can be tough, especially when it seems like your in-laws don't need anything or when you just don't know their taste as well as you know your own parents'. But it is possible to find a gift that is lovely, useful and thoughtful for your in-laws without shelling out big bucks. We've dug into the deep corners of the internet to find these cheap gifts for your in-laws that won't blow your Christmas budget, so you can stop biting your nails as you wait for your credit card bill to arrive.

From imported olive oil for foodie in-laws to a fun seed slingshot for the gardening obsessed, one of the most important aspects in choosing a present for anyone is to think about what their hobbies and interests are and let that give you direction. Even if a gift is small or inexpensive, it can be a huge hit if it shows that you put some thought about what they might enjoy. My mother-in-law is notoriously difficult to shop for, but small fancy presents that she wouldn't otherwise buy herself, like fragrant room spray or a pretty bottle opener, are always well-received.

When in doubt, look to the grandkids to give a personalized touch to a present for your in-laws. What grandparent doesn't want more photos of their grandkids to gaze at throughout the year?!


For The Gardener

Seed slingshot, $20, Terrain

Say your mother-in-law is a gardener and your father-in-law is a kid at heart. Now he can help your mother-in-law garden with this seed bomb slingshot. He'll just need to aim for the flower beds.


For The Sweet Tooth

Gourmet Hazelnut Chocolates, $17, Compartes

Not just any old chocolates, but chocolates so pretty they'll have a hard time taking a bite — and then they'll have a hard time not eating every last one!


For The Doting Grandparent

Gold Photo Frame, $10, Urban Outfitters

Print out a few photos of your kids with their grandparents, and you can't go wrong with this sweet frame.


For The Dinner Party Enthusiast

Glinted Cone Candelabra, $22, Anthropologie

For the in-laws who love to throw dinner parties, but need a little help in the ambience department, a modern candelabra fits the bill.


For The In-Laws Who Have Everything

Amber Mason Jar Candle, $18, Anthropologie

Hand poured in Chicago, this pretty candle is a nice option for the in-laws who seem to have everything.


For The Chefs

Folding Cutting Board, $16, MoMA Store

If your in-laws are anything like mine, they love to cook but rarely replace essentials in the kitchen. Give them a hand with this ultra-useful folding cutting board.


For The Traveling Foodies

World Salt Tower, $20, Food52

Whether your in-laws love to travel or just like to travel with their taste buds, gift them this world salt tower full of gourmet seasoning options from around the world.


For The Hippy At Heart

Chimes, $16, Amazon

Wind chimes are a little hippie, but they're actually really soothing. Perhaps they're well-suited for in-laws who are a little stressed as well!


For The Cooking Fanatic

Merula Olive Oil, $19, Amazon

For the foodie in-laws, replace their generic grocery store olive oil with something a little more exotic and probably more flavorful, like this Spanish olive oil.


For The Homebodies

Welcome Mat, $13, Target

It might seem an odd gift, but it might serve as a bonus compliment for your in-laws with an attached note explaining how much you appreciate their welcoming you into their family!


For The Photo Lover

Photo book subscription, $10/month, Chatbooks

For $10 a month, you can send your in-laws a little photo book full of pictures of their grandkids, automatically populated from your Facebook, Instagram or photo stream.


For The Hosts

Agate Bottle Opener, $16, Anthropologie

Your in-laws are likely using the same bottle opener they've had for 40 years. If that's the case, gift them this pretty updated agate bottle opener that is as decorative as is it is useful.


For The Proudest Homeowners

Monogram Door Knockers, $17, Anthropologie

Your in-laws might love — like really lovetheir house. If they do, they would appreciate any nice and unique gift that adds a special touch to their decor, without clashing against it of course. These cool door knockers will definitely do that. Classier than a doorbell and monogram to boot!


For The Fragrance Fanatic

Meyer lemon room spray $20, Williams Sonoma

Do your in-laws' home always smell like you're talking into a five star hotel? If they love lemons, pick up a bottle of this pretty and fragrant room spray.


For The Grill Masters

Personalized Apron, $16, Williams-Sonoma

For your in-laws who are always marinating or manning the grill, a personalized apron should do the trick. Customize it with their name, or better yet, the special nickname you have for them.

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