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Have A Hilariously Hormonal Holiday With These Pregnancy Valentine's Day Memes

People usually think of Valentine's Day and pregnancy as having a causative relationship — i.e. lots of babies entering the world approximately nine months after February 14. But there are millions of women who are already with child come V-Day, and they don't get the recognition they deserve even though growing a human definitely changes the way you celebrate this holiday. Like, where's the Hallmark card that says "I love you but my Braxton-Hicks contractions make sex sound unbearable"? I can't provide you with that specific greeting card, but I can give you 16 pregnancy Valentine's Day memes that will make you feel #seen.

Honestly, taking a comedic approach to being pregnant on Cupid's favorite day might be the best move, because it would be totally understandable if you got frustrated at all the typical ways of celebrating you can't partake in this year. Of course, you're thrilled your love for your partner is growing through your bundle of joy, but it's a bit of a bummer that you can't share a glass of champagne with your sweetheart over a candlelit dinner. And on the topic of celebrating your love, it's no secret pregnant sex is definitely its own beast, though that might not always be a bad thing. Either way, you're probs still adjusting to the new adventures you're having in the bedroom since you conceived, which will be funny even if does turn out steamy in the end.

So read on for some majorly relatable V-Day memes for anyone who's expecting, and have a laugh as you grab another pack of heart-shaped candy. You deserve it, mom.


When You Remember It's V-Day

Let's be honest, you def forgot about Cupid's favorite day in all the baby distraction. Fingers crossed your partner did too.


What You'll Actually Be Fantasizing About All Day

So many romantic drinks you're not allowed to drink, so many more months until you can.


Seriously, This Is You

How dare your partner enjoy a V-Day cocktail in your presence? They better let you watch those Disney movies to make up for it.


Falling Asleep During The Romantic Dinner Like

Princess Di is a forever pregnancy mood, but she's especially relatable for anyone trying to get that V-Day sexy-time second wind.


When Everyone's Joking About Getting Pregnant On V-Day But You're Out There Beating Them To The Punch Like

What's so special about conceiving on a national holiday anyway?


You And Your Cravings Looking At All The Heart Shaped Chocolate

No one can fully appreciate all the sweet treats Valentine's Day has to offer quite like your pregnant self. This will probs be the highlight of your nine months.


... Unless It's Your First Trimester

If you're in the unfortunate phase of your pregnancy where anything that's normally delicious makes your stomach turn, this is probably a more realistic image of how you'll be spending Feb. 14.


When Your Partner Expects You To Have Something Romantic Planned On Top Of Everything Else

Just this once, it would be nice to be expected not to have to do it all.


Getting Ready For Some Lovin' Like

Your partner better appreciate the work you put into looking sexy, because it's not gonna happen again until that baby is out of your body.


Sex-pectation Vs. Reality

All I see is two equally beautiful pregnant queens. Carry on babes.


When You Start Feeling Yourself

After you took an hour getting those legs shaved, you're bet you're gonna embrace your sexy self in all its glory. Go off.


Makin' Your Move Like

Hey, if you're bringing a baby into the world together, your partner should be able to handle everything that means.


But Then Two Seconds After Getting Into Bed For Some *Fun*

Not your fault they missed the two minute window where you were awake and in the mood.


And If You Do Manage To Stay Awake...

It might be a little different how you two celebrated last year, but whatever gets the job done, ya know?


But Then After Ten Minutes Your Cravings Get In The Way Like

I repeat: There is only a ten minute window when you will not be hungry, tired, or crying. Fingers crossed your partner makes good use of those 600 seconds.


If You Were Honest About Your Goals For The Day

Seriously, where is all the chocolate? Happy V-Day, mommies-to-be.