It's Time To Talk About Pregnancy Sex Orgasms, Because Damn

by Steph Montgomery

Pregnancy sex hasn't always been amazing for me. In fact, sex during my first two pregnancies can be best described as "meh." Between morning sickness, body image issues, aches, pains, and a less-than-stellar partner, I didn't have a single orgasm. Not one. For me, sex without orgasms is like dry toast. I mean, it's OK, I guess, but not something I'm going to go out of my way to experience. Then I met my husband and wow was I completely (and pleasantly) surprised. So it's time to talk about pregnancy orgasms, you guys, because holy hot damn.

I love sex, and I am not ashamed to admit it. Which is why, of course, I'm constantly telling people off for slut-shaming sexy moms. Moms can and do have sex (that's how many people get pregnant in the first place, after all), and sex and being sexy don't have to stop when you get pregnant. I mean getting pregnant and becoming a mom has certainly made sex more infrequent than it used to be, and sometimes it can require some planning and creativity, but pregnancy orgasms can be amazing, totally different, and pleasantly surprising.

I am not sure why they were so amazing, though. Maybe it was the increased blood flow to my clitoris and vagina, the hormones, my ultra sensitive nipples, or the fact that my husband and I used lube to combat dryness. It might have been the different sex positions we tried as my pregnancy progressed, extra communication about what was and was not working for me ,or the closeness we felt about my pregnancy in general. Regardless of why, these damn pregnancy sex orgasms had me saying, "Wow."

So if you are pregnant and want to test this out yourself, break out your vibrator or find a willing partner. You might just find yourself, like me, pleasantly surprised in the following ways:

That I Was Able To Have One At All

Sex with my ex-husband was, well, not great. He didn't seem to care about my pleasure as much as he cared about me telling him how good he was in bed, (which didn't make things fun for me, for the record) I didn't have a single orgasm during my first two pregnancies. So, even though my current husband is awesome in bed and gave me mind-blowing orgasms before pregnancy, I wasn't sure it would happen once I got pregnant.

I am so glad I was wrong.

That It Would Feel So Different

Pregnancy sex was so different, but so totally and completely amazing. As a result, pregnancy orgasms felt different than the orgasms I had before, too. Honestly, like fireworks compared to sparklers or a waterfall compared to a nice shower. Later in pregnancy, they also caused me to have contractions, which was a bit alarming but kind of cool at the same time.

That It Would Be So Intense

They were so freaking intense. I felt them in my whole body. To be honest, sometimes they were a bit too intense for me to handle, and very emotional at the same time.

How Quickly It Came

I normally need a bit of time to reach climax, but that wasn't the case during pregnancy sex. Pregnancy orgasms came quickly (pun intended) and without much effort or stimulation from my partner, myself, or my vibrator. I think it might have been how relaxed I was to not have to stress about getting pregnant or trying to conceive.

That Different Things Would Get Me Off

Maybe it was how fun it was to try a variety of positions to accommodate my pregnant belly, or that those different positions stimulated different parts of my pregnant body, but I was able to orgasm in positions and places I never had before.

That I Could Orgasm From Nipple Stimulation Alone

Yep, it happened. My nipples were so sensitive that my husband had to be gentle, but when he was gentle wow, I mean wow, it was enough to get me off.

That I Would Have More Than One

I had no idea how many orgasms I could have. It turns out that, for me, pregnancy orgasms kept on coming, and coming. I could have kept going all night if my husband would have been able to keep up.

That They Happen In Your Sleep

It sort of felt like my body was always primed for orgasm. I once even orgasmed in my sleep, while having a sex dream. For real you guys.

That It Could Be So Amazing

They were so amazing, you guys. I wish I could have bottled that feeling to bring it back when I need a pick me up. Alas, we don't have that technology, so instead, I am now looking for the best postpartum orgasm. It may take a bit of practice and research to get there, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make. For science.