9 Tips For Improving Your Orgasm Post-Baby

No matter how excited you are to resume sex after having a baby, things may still be a little lackluster between the sheets. A lot of factors of postpartum life, like hormones and fatigue, can affect the intimacy between you and your partner, but with a few tips for improving your orgasm post-baby, you may enjoy sex even more than before.

Orgasms are never one-size-fits-all, even when you haven't had a baby. So many different things can affect the power of your orgasm, but as they say, a baby changes everything. According to Parenting, 27 percent of moms said they find it more difficult to orgasm after having a baby. While the statistic didn't get very specific on why moms found it more difficult, you can make your assumptions, right? You're worried about the baby or you can't concentrate on your partner because the baby monitor is going crazy. You're so focused on making yourself orgasm in the time you have for sex that you totally psych yourself out and end up even more frustrated before.

Or maybe you always found it hard to cum and now that there's a baby in your house? Well it's downright impossible.

I promise you, it's not. Postpartum sex can actually be better than sex before you got pregnant with a little of work. So hit those sheets with your partner and use these tips to improve your orgasm post-baby.


Do Your Kegels

You've heard the term a thousand times, but you're still not sure how it's supposed to help anything, right? According to the American Pregnancy Association, kegel exercises can strengthen those pelvic floor muscles after childbirth and even help your perineum. But those same exercises can also help your postpartum orgasms. When you're contracting those muscles, you're exercising the same ones that contract during an orgasm, making them stronger which means a more powerful orgasm between the sheets. You're already doing those exercises after having a baby, so why not benefit from them in another way?


Use Lube

Even if you never had a problem before with your body's natural lubricant, it's not a bad idea to stock up on some lube for those post-baby orgasms. It's very normal for moms to experience vaginal dryness after having a baby notes Woman's Day. And because lubricants can make your genitals more sensitive, you're setting yourself up for a much more powerful O.


Build Up Your Arousal

It's not a race. Everyone can enjoy a quickie now and then, but for a more powerful orgasm, you and your partner need to take your time. Sext each other throughout the day, make sure Grandma has the baby, and build up your arousal as much as possible. Then when you two finally hit the sheets, it won't take long for you both to experience a more powerful orgasm.


Cuddle Your Baby

I know, this one seems weird, but hear me out. Oxytocin, the love hormone, is released when you and your baby bond and spend time together to promote attachment. It's science's way of making sure you and your baby are close. But that same hormone can also give you better orgasms. A study found that when participants used an oxytocin nasal spray before intercourse, they reported a more powerful orgasm. So give yourself an extra jolt of the hormone by spending some quality time with your little one before you and your partner get intimate.



I know, you're having a hard enough time finding a few extra minutes in the day to shower, but Bustle notes that masturbation could be the key to more powerful postpartum orgasms. Not only are you rediscovering what your body likes and how to make yourself orgasm, but doing it beforehand can leave you even more aroused for your partner so you can experience a better orgasm with them.


Focus On Clitoral Stimulation

You already know that clitoral stimulation is a necessity when it comes to having an orgasm, so just focus on that when you and your partner are ready to get it on. Parenting recommends skipping intercourse and make it a night of foreplay with oral sex and toys instead.



You're already trying to fit in a workout routine to stay healthy for your little one, but certain exercises can help you in the bedroom, too. You can improve your self confidence, your stamina, and your flexibility, leading you to more powerful orgasms. Just another reason to hit that cardio tonight!


Get Enough Sleep

New parents and enough sleep are unlikely companions, but running on fumes can affect your sex life in the worst way. According to Shape, without enough sleep, you may not be as interested in sex. Adults need at least seven hours a night and when your sleep deprivation becomes chronic, your testosterone levels are lowered, killing your sex drive. So catch up on some sleep when you can to make the sex totally worth it.


Do Yoga

Yoga is one of those things you may want to make the time for, but just aren't sure where to fit it in your busy schedule. Yoga is great for your mental and physical health, but the benefits it gives your sex life may be just the motivation you need to hit the mat. A study found that women who participated in yoga reported a more satisfied sex life, including an increase in arousal, desire, lubrication, and better orgasms. Namaste.