Your Silliest Christmas Eve Pics Need These Hilarious Instagram Captions

Christmas Eve is a prime time for capturing those picture perfect family bonding moments. Everyone is finally in one place so you can actually get a shot of the whole gang, and the matching pajamas you forced your kids to wear will look adorable on your feed. One drawback: Literally everyone you know will be uploading pictures, so you need to find a way for your post to stand out among the hundreds of photos of children opening presents in tacky Christmas sweaters. Thus, I give you 16 hilarious Instagram captions for Christmas Eve.

Hilarity inevitably ensues during the holidays anyway, so a funny caption just makes sense for a day before Christmas picture. Whether it's the kids getting caught searching all over the house for their presents or your partner drunkenly losing the Elf on the Shelf after a long night of gift wrapping, there are plenty of funny moments that can work as inspo for your post. Plus, the comedic angle will probably be a bit more honest than a gooey descriptor (even though you obviously feel all those mushy feelings for your fam, everyday and at the holidays), so other people scrolling online will definitely relate to whatever shenanigans you show your little ones getting into (leading to lots of likes for you).

So read on for my best ideas for funny Christmas Eve captions, and get ready to capture those memories that will last a lifetime.


"When You Realize All Your Naughtiness From 2018 Is About To Catch Up With You"

They might be your little angels, but that doesn't mean they've acted like it all year long. All of your followers will be laughing when you write this under a photo of your kids screaming in front of the Christmas tree.



Any Will Ferrel lover will chuckle at this reference, and it definitely captures the excitement of the night before Christmas. It'll be a nice change from the countless "Santa Claus is comin' to town" captions.


"We Didn't Plan This"

Please use for any and all images of your fam wearing matching pajamas. If you're gonna do the cliché, lean in, my friends.


"So Excited For A Stranger To Break Into Our House Tonight"

I mean, someone's gotta tell the truth about Santa, and why shouldn't it be you on Instagram? Just make sure the big man doesn't follow you; it would suck to end up on the naughty list at the last minute.


"Like if I should actually fill their stockings with coal"

Not sure if this one is funny or just an interesting social media experiment, but you'll definitely get a reaction out of your fellow parents if you write this under a shot of your kids looking innocent and adorable. Try not to take it personally if the post gets hella likes, though.


"Ask me how many times they've asked if they can open just one present"

I'm picturing your kids standing next to the tree, looking at the presents instead of you, and what a mood. Besides, most parents are fed up with the gremlins' constant questions about gifts by Christmas Eve, so you'll at least get a sympathy giggle from your parent social media friends if you use this one.


"Adulthood is realizing you identify more with the Grinch than Cindy Lou Who"

This one almost hits too close to home. I finally figured out how to describe that photo of you and your siblings looking completely over it while your kids eat too many candy canes. It also works great for a candid of you falling asleep in a pile of gift wrap.


"No need for Rudolph's nose when these rosy cheeks are around"

This one's for all those tipsy eggnog drinkers who maybe got a little over-served after the kids went to sleep. Embrace the adult side of the holidays, and pour another drink after you post this one up.


"I deserve these more than Santa"

An Instagram caption is useless if it doesn't justify why you're stuffing your face with the cookies your kids baked for Santa all afternoon. Extra props if you're literally taking the sweets from St. Nick in the pic.


"Smiling because we get to put the Elf on the Shelf away for 11 whole months tomorrow"

Packing the Elf away for 11 months is probably going to be the best gift any parent gets this Christmas, so anyone with kids will be double tapping if you use this caption. Make sure no believers follow you before you post, though; having to explain why the very alive Elf will be living in a box might put a damper on your mood.


"Excited to announce my retirement from my career as an elf"

This caption would pair well with a photo of you with the mass of presents you've wrapped. I bet you'll get even more laughs and likes if you're lying on the floor in exhaustion with a bow on your head. (Which is probably the state you'll be in by the end of Christmas Eve anyway, soo... )


"Where does Santa go to vote? The North Poll!"

A pun is always a solid choice for an Instagram caption, and this one's got it all. Plus, there's never a bad time to remind people to get politically active.


"When you spot the Ghost of Christmas Past"

A hilarious candid deserves an equally funny caption, so you can definitely use this for that awkward photo you get where everyone in your fam looks confused and surprised. Fingers crossed you're not actually getting haunted, though.


"The neighbors begged us to stop caroling, so hi from the couch"

Behold, a creative caption for that photo of you and your loved ones squished together on the couch. It's also probs honest, too. We can't all get as warm of a response to Christmas caroling as John and Chrissy did.


"Oh, fudge!"

This reference to A Christmas Story is too good, and it'll be a total hit if you pair it with a photo of you eating this homemade Crock-Pot fudge. Winning.


"Thankful for the only night of the year they're excited to go to bed"

Post a sweet shot of the kiddos after you've tucked them in and have settled in for the final present wrapping rush of the year. We all know they won't actually sleep a wink because they're too excited for Santa's arrival, but the pic will still be a hit.

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