17 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Dates For The Procrastinators

There's nothing like waiting to the last minute to plan things. That rush of adrenaline, that excited feeling that you're about to pull it off, and that sickening thud when you realize you suck, the world sucks, everything sucks. And with Valentine's Day practically here, many are feeling that range of emotions. Whether you're pulling apart the pillows in Target to see if someone stashed the last box of chocolates there or trying to plan a last-minute Valentine's Day date, the holiday has officially lost its appeal for you.

But hey, don't worry. It may be hard to find a box of chocolate that's not full of nougats now, but you can still plan a great Valentine's Day date even though you've waited till the last minute. (You can keep telling everyone you've been busy, but I know the truth. I've been there.) The thing about Valentine's Day is that, like most holidays, it's all about being with the one you love the most. You don't have to fill the day with heart-shaped objects, roses, and candy to make it special. A little thought and a whole lot of love are all you need to make your valentine feel incredibly special. And bonus, you can always say you went with one of these 17 dates because you're sticking it to the man and this "Hallmark sham of a holiday." You're welcome.


Head To A Pub

A bar may not be the most romantic spot for Valentine's Day, but they sure are a lot of fun. And you know what? Appetizers and beer sound like an excellent way to spend the evening. Challenge your boo to a game of darts or pool while you're there. Winner gets a massage. Loser gets to rub your naked body. (Because I know you're going to win.)


Have A Night of Sex

Like you did when you first started dating. You know the ones where you were in bed all night trying new things, having hours of foreplay, and a whole lot of sex. It's free, it takes no planning, and it's enjoyable for both of you.


Enjoy Fondue In Your Living Room

Fondue can be such a fun, sexy meal. I mean, what's hotter than feeding your SO cheese- or chocolate-covered fare? And by enjoying it in the living room, you can also catch up on some Netflix .


Volunteer Together

You may have forgotten to plan something, but at least you have your sweetie. So many people have to spend holidays alone, that the two of you could really spread the love by volunteering. Go to an animal shelter and hug all the pups, make cards for kids in the hospital, or go to a nursing home and play games with the residents. It will make you feel so much better than wine and candy ever could.


Hit Up A Bookstore

Reading together is a really sweet way to spend some time together, but going to an actual bookstore makes it a date. The two of you can browse the shelves for your favorite reads and maybe even buy a book every couple should read together.


Take Dance Lessons

Super romantic, right? If there isn't an open class near you, pull up YouTube and get to learning the waltz or the tango. Make sure you get dressed up, too! Because that's half the fun.


Cook A Dinner You've Never Had Before

Find a few new recipes to try like appetizers, an entree, sides, and a dessert. Pick up a few bottles of wine, too, and have a blast chopping and sauteeing together in the kitchen. And to ensure some post-dinner play, incorporate some foods that'll improve your orgasm.


Go Ice Skating

This is a fun, sweet way to spend the evening. Make sure to bundle up if it's an outdoor rink and, if you're new to the rink, make sure to layer some leggings under those pants. As someone who has fallen quite a bit, this trick will keep you from feeling the pain later on.


Have A Living Room Picnic

Grab some blankets, candles, and actually use that picnic basket you bought last year at Williams-Sonoma. Try and stick to picnic foods, but feel free to jazz them up a bit.


Go To The Movies

The movies are always an excellent choice, and you can buy your tickets now for a good show. Plus, there's candy there!


Have Your Own Wine Tasting

Some actual wineries (or breweries if you'd prefer beer) are probably full by now, but don't let that stop you. Pick up a few different bottles and set up your own wine tasting. You may find a new favorite and you may get pleasantly buzzed. You can even take it step further by pairing wine with Valentine's Day candy.


Plan Future Dates

You may have missed the deadline on Valentine's Day, but now it's time to redeem yourself. Talk to your boo and plan out some fun future dates. Maybe the two of you want to travel or there's some local haunts you want to try out.


Have A Nerf Gun Fight

Channel your inner child and go to Nerf gun war with your SO.


Play A Stripping Game

If Joey, Monica, Chandler, and Co. can turn the Happy Days board game into a stripping game, then so can you. It's a fun way to put a spin on your fave games and ensure some sexy time later on in the evening.


Go Shopping For Each Other

It's always fun to shop for your boo, but how often do they shop for you? Head to a store together, with a budget, and pick out clothes for each other. You may be surprised at what your partner wants to see you in and out of.


Explore Your City

There's always something new to find in your city, so grab your SO and start exploring. Try out a new sandwich place or check out the latest tourist attractions together.


Have A Car Date

Remember when you were young, broke, and spent hours driving around in your car? Bring back that nostalgia by driving through town with your partner. Swing through a drive-thru for hamburgers and milkshakes, get lost on the old back roads, and pull over in a parking lot for a little backseat action.