18 Moms Share Their Favorite Little Part Of Being Pregnant

There's no question that every woman's experience of pregnancy is different, but can we agree that we all had (or have) a favorite part about being pregnant? Sometimes it's the little things, like having people offer you their seats on public transit, or the shiny, lustrous hair that so many of us end up having. Other times it's the very fact that you're pregnant, especially if you've had a hard road while trying to conceive. And while being pregnant can be filled with trials and discomfort, it can be really great to take a moment and enjoy the good parts, too.

Personally, my favorite part of being pregnant was interacting with my little fetus-friends each time, once they had started moving. Feeling a foot or an elbow pushing out, and then pushing that little body part back in and waiting to see what happened, that was the very beginning of bonding with each of my babies. It was my secret way of mothering, even while I was working or doing other things.

To be completely superficial, as a gal with pretty fine hair, not losing any for 9 months was also pretty amazing. But I digress.

Regardless of whether your experience with pregnancy was filled with challenges or nary a symptom in sight, there was something that was great about it, even if it was just getting that baby out finally. Here are 19 moms sharing the best part of their pregnancy:


"From the very moment we found out we were pregnant, the relationship with my daughter was an ever growing and deeply meaningful connection that is hard to put into words. I marveled each week at her development and as cliche as it surely sounds, the wonder of it all. Although obviously very painful, [labor] day was really meaningful too. I went off into our bedroom alone when active [labor] started and I remember being in the dark, feeling connected to all the women who had [birthed] children before me. Pretty mind blowing. That day made me feel empowered and strong and proud to be a woman and a mother."


"Feeling the baby move. And towards the end, seeing his little limbs sticking out of my belly. Freaky and awesome."


Feeling the baby move, And the feeling that I was never alone.


"By far the experience of feeling my baby move inside me. That was the beginning of my connection to my child."

(Note: Are you sensing a theme here?)


"Watching my stomach literally change shape like the inside of a lava lamp when the baby would move. It was fascinating."


Feeling the baby moving inside, knowing that my body is fully capable of creating another human being.


"If we're talking sentimental, it was definitely the baby kicks. If we're talking materialistic, it was definitely the thick, shiny hair and plump lips. I'm not a vain person but I'm not above coveting an awesome head of hair."


Having the baby all to myself. No one made me feel badly about not passing her around.


"For me it was the excitement and anticipation in meeting my baby. I also did enjoy my cravings. [I] had an entire freezer stocked with all different ice cream [flavors] and ate Chinese food at minimum weekly! I think my husband enjoyed that part the best."


Eating all the food.


"Last trimester: tapping out morse code back and forth, headphones on belly, feeling them get hiccups.....bliss."


The thought of a miracle growing in my belly and then feeling it move around..well..nothing compares to that and nothing ever will again.


"Ummmmm conception? I do not like being pregnant."


Counting the down the days to delivery. This was a two-fold countdown: 1 to meet the baby; 2 to not be pregnant anymore.


Baby hiccups. Dolly Parton boobs.


"Ultrasounds where I got to see my babies."


"My sexy large breasts."


Sex. I couldn't get enough while I was pregnant.