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Jennifer Parris

Here Are All The Foods You Need From Costco For The Most Happening Halloween Party

My husband sprang it on me two days ago that he was thinking of having a Halloween party for our four kids. Immediately, I went into panic mode thinking about the menu. Luckily, a quick trip to Costco assuaged my fears of having to come up with eerie apps and a spooky supper. Upon stealing a cart from another unsuspecting shopper, I sailed through the aisles past those buttery croissants and found 19 foods from Costco for Halloween parties that are plentiful enough to feed about 25 (!) hungry teens, tweens, and toddlers .

But let it be said that you’re probably not going to find traditional Halloween fare at Costco. (Meaning that the treats you spy won’t have babyish bats or grinning ghosts decorated on them.) Which I think actually makes it easier to shop for sustenance, since you’ll focus on foods that can appeal to a wide range of ages. That way, you can serve something to teens that won’t have a childish cartoon on it (which will surely get you an eye roll) and can be healthy, too. Plus, if a parent comes to pick up their kid earlier than expected, you’ll have something adult-ish to offer them as well. And that might, just might, make you the baddest witch on the block. Just sayin’.


Cranberry Walnut Bread

Jennifer Parris

Slice up some of this cranberry walnut bread ($8) and serve it with cheese or a blood-red jam on a pretty platter. It’s so rustically delicious that you could pretend like you spent the day baking it.


Upper Crust Bakery Maple Bites

Jennifer Parris

I was about to pass by these Maple Bites ($7) when a Costco employee offered me a free sample. And well, it was love at first bite. If you’re a maple fan, you’ll swoon over these melt-in-your-mouth marvels.


Pumpkin Pie

Jennifer Parris

It always amazes me that you can get a really good-looking pie or cake at Costco and it’s so inexpensive. This Pumpkin Pie ($6) is large enough to feed a big crowd. Top it with some whipped cream for a dessert your guests will love.


Tipiak French Macarons

Jennifer Parris

Forget about French bakeries. You can purchase 36 delicate (and delicious) French macarons at Costco. These seasonal cookies ($15) come in milk chocolate, pistachio, cherry, dark chocolate, vanilla, and orange/chocolate. They’ll look pretty on your dessert table, and guys, they’re made in France. Enough said.


David’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Lava

Jennifer Parris

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Lave from David’s is ooey gooey goodness at its finest. A chocolate ganache is nestled inside a deep dish chocolate chip cookie dough shell. Six lava cakes will cost you $12, which is a low price to pay for such sinful decadence.


Summ! Apple Pie Rolls

Jennifer Parris

Why have apple pie when you can have your pie in a cute little roll? These 16 individual apple pie rolls from Summ! ($10) come complete with caramel sauce. You can serve them to the little mummies at your party, or offer them up after trick-or-treating.


Foppen Smoked Norwegian Salmon Slices

Jennifer Parris

If you’re looking to host a more sophisticated soiree, you can always serve these Smoked Norwegian Salmon Slices ($11). With their pink and orange color, they’ll complement (and won’t clash with) your party. They come in traditional, pepper and yummy dill flavors that your guests can eat with bread, cheese, or even cucumber slices.


Solstice Organic Turmeric Tortilla Chips

Jennifer Parris

The only screams you’ll hear at your party is when you put out these tortilla chips and your little guests realize that they’re not Doritos. These better-for-you chips ($6) are actually made with turmeric, which has a lot of health benefits. They’re also organic, gluten free, and vegan.


Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straws

Jennifer Parris

Kids will be clamoring for these Garden Veggie Straws from Sensible Portions. They come in colors perfect for the fall season (yellow, orange, and green), and offer all the creepy crunchy goodness of chips without all the additional salt and oil. ($6)


Vacaville Oval Dried Fruit Tray

Jennifer Parris

You can’t ask for a prettier presentation than the Dried Fruit Tray from Vacaville ($20). The dried fruit is gluten free and is ideal for any vegetarian monster. It comes on a bamboo serving tray which you can reuse for any upcoming holiday parties, like Thanksgiving.


Terra Classic Vegetable Chips

Jennifer Parris

Why serve plain ol’ potato chips when your guests could be snacking on parsips and sweet potatoes? The Terra Chips ($7) also come in flavors like Taro and Batata, and can be a great introduction to root veggies that those little ghouls and goblins might not necessarily want to try.


Moon Cheese

Jennifer Parris

Your kids will have an out-of-this-world experience munching on Moon Cheese ($10). It’s literally just cheese — no chips or artificial ingredients. It’s gluten free and high in protein, and an excellent source of calcium. But don’t tell your petite partygoers that, though.


Langers Organic Mango Nectar

Jennifer Parris

Move over, OJ. The Mango Nectar from Langers ($6) is organic and made with Alphonso Mangos, which grow in India. It’s a pleasant orange/yellow color that ties into the fall season beautifully.


Bare Organic Apple Chips

Jennifer Parris

Kids are too cool to do the apple bob? Let them snack on apples anyway with the Bare Organic Apple Chips ($10). They’re made from organic Fuji and red apples, and are fat- and gluten-free. They aren’t made with oil, and are also a good source of fiber for any creepy kiddo.


Phillips Crab Cake Minis

Jennifer Parris

When you’re tired of serving chicken fingers and fries for the bazillionth time, you might want to elevate the palettes of your partygoers with these Crab Cake Minis from Phillips ($20). Just pop them in the oven and in about 10-ish minutes, you’ll have a hot appetizer your fiendish Frankenstein will love.


Cuisine Adventures Mini Quiche

Jennifer Parris

These mini quiches from Cuisine Adventures are a must-have for any party. The apps come in two flavors — Florentine and Three Cheese. They’ll easily entice any Halloween partygoer to take a bite. For $15, you’ll get 72 cutie quiches.


Spring Valley Party Platter

Jennifer Parris

It ain’t a party unless there’s puff pastry and cocktail franks of some kind. The party sampler from Spring Valley has all the good stuff you’ll love to snack on, like mini chicken pot pies, BBQ chicken, red skin potato puffs. You’ll get 85 puffy pieces for $16.


Don Miguel Mini Tacos

Jennifer Parris

Make over your Halloween party into a full-fledged fiesta with these mini tacos ($8). They offer all white meat, 2 Mexican-style cheeses, salsa, and roasted corn in corn tortilla. Ole!


Crazy Cuizine Mandarin Orange Chicken

Jennifer Parris

If you’re looking to feed your guests something more substantial than mummy hot dogs (which are totes cute, by the way), Crazy Cuizine’s Mandarin Orange Chicken ($15) would make an excellent app. It’s fully cooked; just heat and serve. The chicken is raised without antibiotics and offers 13g of protein per serving. Now that’s something to howl about.