Courtesy of Hannah Westmoreland Murphy

19 Times When Kids Were Just The Most Confused

Watching our children find their way in the world is nothing short of an awe inspiring. Seeing the world through a child's eyes has a way of making this place we inhabit seem a little more magical, and witnessing a child learn and grow and discover all that's around them is a truly beautiful thing. It's also a little (read: extremely), well, hilarious. To kids, everything is brand new and figuring out the magic of technology can be a little confusing for them. If you don't think the times when kids are the most confused is at least slightly hilarious, you should probably check your pulse because, well, poop faces. How can you not lose your mind over a poop face, you guys?!

Our kids are being raised by parents who were (and still are) trail blazers on the social media frontier. Some people rarely eat a meal without sharing it on social media, and if those people have kids, well, you had better believe that they're going to share the magic of childhood confusion across their respective social channels, too. It's all in good fun, and it's perfectly harmless to share pictures of amazed babies or adorable baby attire, as long as parents abide by social media rules when it comes to pictures of kids.

One day, our kids will be old enough to laugh at their hilarity with us, but for now, we're kind of laughing at their adorable expense. So, with that being said and because laughing is the best, here are 19 completely confused kids that are bound to brighten your day. You're welcome.

Who Is This Imbecile?

And why is he interviewing me? Dude, I'm a baby.

Wait, Is This A Vegetable?

Damn my mother's nutritional trickery!

I Love Ice Cream! Wait, No, I Don't.

This Nutty Buddy tastes fantastic. Wait a minute, I don't eat nuts.

Umm, Daddy?

Stranger danger warning bells are going off so, I guess you could say this nothing more than a parenting win.

Go Sports!

Is he dancing? Is he punting? Has he invented a new sport that involves a combination of both? We'll probably never know.

Mom, My Pet Snake Is Out Of Control

I remember my first watering hose experience. This is adorable, but you know this kid is terrified.

You Don't Look Like My Mom

Wait a second. Why is my favorite stuffed animal suddenly moving?

Betrayed By My Own Garden Hose!

It's all fun and games until someone gets sprayed in the face by their own hose.

I Don't Think This Is How The Talent Competition Works

You're right, Honey Boo Boo. Talking with your belly should definitely be an acceptable act during the talent show.

Not Gonna Happen, Little Lady

I don't think that's how it works.

What Is This Gravity You Speak Of?

This kid's disbelief is all of us when Donald Trump became the official Republican presidential nominee.

Thanks For My New Puppy, Mom!

I think I'll name him Spot.

My Hand-Eye Coordination Is On Point

When good intentions meet bad coordination.

How Did My Face Get Inside The Phone?

Babies and technology are just the best. This little girl is watching a video of herself, and it's obviously stressing her out.

OK, Time To Bite Out The Candles

I have a feeling he's going to have a special talent of fire eating at the circus when he gets older.

Mmmm, Green Cookie

Ew. Gag. No. Not a green cookie.

Something Seems Off Here

Ummm, I'm not really sure how to go about explaining this one. I'll just sit here and laugh instead.

The Karate Hugs

Hugging karate should definitely be a thing now. I mean, look at these adorable people in their bathrobes.

Woa, You Snuck Up On Me There

The same thing happens to me when I accidentally open up the camera on my phone and it's in selfie mode. I didn't need to know that I've got three chins when I look down but, well, here I am.